MLB Playoff News: Nationals Clinch Against The Phillies and Bryce Harper

Now these are the fun ones to write.

However, let’s back up a moment. In the off-season, Bryce Harper signed a 13-year, $330 million dollar deal. Indeed, Harper wanted every penny and decided to sign with the Philadelphia Phillies over the Los Angeles Dodgers. Moreover, he also chose Philadelphia over the team that drafted him as a 16-year old back in 2010; the Washington Nationals.

While Harper preached that he was going to Philadelphia to become a winner, he left a Nationals team that was building a solid foundation with good bones. Let’s not forget, Washington has Anthony Rendon, Juan Soto, Max Scherzer, and Stephen Strasburg dotting the roster.

Still, Harper opted to leave Washington for a similar dollar amount; albeit a few more dollars. Certainly it showcased an ugly side of sports where dollars trump any type of loyalty.

On Tuesday night, the Nationals had the last laugh for now. Trailing 4-2 in the middle innings, Trea Turner hit a grand slam. Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Washington ended up shutting things down with a 6-5 win when a speedy outfielder named Victor Robles ran down a fly ball off the bat of Maikel Franco. Ironically, Harper played center during some stretches as a National. Without question, if you saw the final play before Washington clinched a likely home wildcard playoff game; it’s not a play that Harper would have made if still in uniform.

Then, the celebration took place in the Washington clubhouse.

As it turns out, the Nationals didn’t need Harper after all. It’s possible they’re a stronger team without the dynamic Harper brings.

Meanwhile, Harper was left to his Philadelphia locker room to answer reporters about his embattled manager Gabe Kapler returning in 2020. It certainly doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, but at least he has more money than Scrooge McDuck in his vault.

In closing, good luck to the Nationals in the playoffs. This was a team that was left for dead in the early part of the summer – and their manager Dave Martinez was on the hot seat in his own right. They have a shot at winning their first postseason series with the kind of talent that is aligned in their clubhouse.

Written by Clint Evans

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