Wednesday, May 23, 2018
Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Gifts for the Sports Mom

Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away. Are you stumped for that perfect gift for mom? Don’t be. I have you covered, especially if your mom is a sports fan:

Tickets: Come on, take mom out to see her favorite team in action. Tickets can be pricey, I know, but it’s a fantastic memory that you’ll never forget. I went to my first Green Bay Packers game at Lambeau Field last year and I’ll never, ever forget it.

A jersey: My kids know that for Mother’s Day, I’d rather have a New York Mets shirt or a jersey with my favorite player’s name on the back than a dozen roses or a box of chocolate.

​Vivitar HD Action Camera: When you do buy her tickets to see her favorite team in action, help her capture it all on film with this action camera. Designed  with  the  traditional  family  in  mind, Vivitar’s  DVR  786HD  Action Cam allows you to record amazing footage from their point of view! Comes with a waterproof case with Bike/ATV mount and remote control Touch Screen Display with full 1080p HD Video.

A Tervis Bottle: I got one of these bottles with, of course, the Green Bay Packers’ logo and I also got a few cups (more Packers’ logos) and they are my favorite to use. They are great quality, made in the USA and you can design them with any one of the thousands of sports designs that your mom would want. Choose her favorite football, baseball or hockey team and you can design it online with photos, text, art, etc. They are good for hot and cold drinks and dishwasher and microwave safe. I love mine. Check it out here:

Speaking of bottles, check this one out too: This water bottle makes fruit infused water and tea within seconds. If your mom is heading to the stadium she can also bring one of these. Fruition has a unique juicing mechanism on the bottom that allows you to squeeze juice directly into your water for instant, strong flavor. Choose any combo of fruits you desire and make hydration fun. Match one of the three colors to your mom’s favorite team colors and its the perfect gift for that awesome mom in your life. To see how easy it is, visit

Fore! Is your mom a golf fan? Do you have a little bigger of a budget? Put the Golden Tee Golf game console under the tree, so the golfer can play a coin-operated video game from the comfort of home. It’s loaded with 50 virtual golf courses and online connectivity. It includes the new 2015 courses and “King of the Hill” feature, which anoints a weekly in-home winner for each of the courses played ($3,495).

A good book: There are so many books that I’ve talked about in this column and any one of them would be great for a sports fan. If your mom is a WWE fan (like me) than a book on wrestling would be great too. I recently profiled Jen Miller, author of Running, A Love Story and I recommend Jen’s book for Mother’s Day too. It’s a good read and all you need to do is add in some tea or a good bottle of wine. Jen Miller has fallen in and out of love, but no partner has been there for her the way running has. In Running: A Love Story. Jen tells the story of her lifelong relationship with running with wit, thoughtfulness, and brutal honesty.

How about taking mom on a sports vacation (or just give her the tickets and let her enjoy it on her own). Treat the baseball mom to a trip to Cooperstown or the football mom to a trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Ohio.

Is mom a WWE fan? Check out this article I did.

The whole idea about Mother’s Day is to show your mom you love her. If your mom loves sports, buying her something that she’ll enjoy should be easy. If you want to take her to dinner, forget the elegant high-brow restaurants and take her to the local sports bar and watch a game together. Get her something she would want to see or do. Forget the vacuum or the toaster, unless the toaster is going to look like the one at the top of the page.

Now you only have a few weeks left. Get shopping!

About Lisa Iannucci

Lisa Iannucci has been interviewing professional athletes and Olympians, sports writers and film/tv personalities for more than a decade. Her book, A Film & TV Lover's Travel Guide is now available:

About Lisa Iannucci

Lisa Iannucci has been interviewing professional athletes and Olympians, sports writers and film/tv personalities for more than a decade. Her book, A Film & TV Lover's Travel Guide is now available:

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