NBA News: League Looking Hard for Start Date, Salary Takes a Major Hit, and More!

All of your news from around the NBA this past week!


The NBA and NBAPA are having plenty of conversations this week and those will continue through December. The two sides need to come to an agreement on a few things, including getting the all-important salary cap set with the lack of revenue from last year. Let’s dive into some of the news from around the league this week.

Top News This Week

  • The NBA and the NBAPA are going to extend the deadline to November 6th for either side to serve notice on terminating the collective bargaining agreement. If either side chooses to terminate the CBA, it will be gone by December 14th. If that were the case, the two sides would need to work on a new agreement in a very small window.
  • The NBA wants to go to a 72-game season for the next year following the delayed bubble year. Their target start date would be December 22nd, long before most had anticipated the start date to be. The idea of playing fewer games than that in a potential January start has not yet been discussed as of now.
  • The NBA and NBAPA are still on very different sides in terms of when they actually want the season to kick off. The league would like to start the season before Christmas, while the Player’s Association would much prefer a mid-January start. The problem right now lies with the money, especially with the lack of fans still not being able to attend games for the foreseeable future. This is part of the reason that the CBA deadline was extended, per Adrian Wojnarowski. 
  • Part of the NBA’s plan for offseason workouts includes daily testing, much like the Orlando bubble. Players must return a negative test each time to be allowed to participate in offseason workouts at team facilities on their daily tests.
  • Mike D’Antoni and Ime Udoka are finalizing deals to become assistant coaches under Steve Nash with the Brooklyn Nets. Udoka spent years on Gregg Popovich’s staff and had interviews for head coaching jobs. D’Antoni and Nash were part of the Seven Seconds or Less Offense with the Suns in the mid-2000s.
  • Talks between the NBA and NBAPA salary cap and tax are still ongoing. If the two sides had followed the normal formula to determine the cap- linking to overall revenue – it would have fallen to around $90 million. That would mean that the cap would be down from $109 million in 2019-20.

Social News

The Los Angeles Dodgers won their World Series this past week, and it was done with plenty of support from the Lakers’ LeBron James. LeBron just wants to see Clayton Kershaw get the respect that he deserves!

Who doesn’t love to start off their day watching some of the most vicious Giannis dunks you will ever see?

And finally, look how adorable the Wade family was on Halloween. He truly is living his best retirement life.

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