NBA News: Rudy Gobert Donates Large Sum to Arena Staff

The Utah Jazz All-Star has decided to donate a large sum in support of staff in Utah, Oklahoma, and France.


Things have not been going well at all lately for Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert. After testing positive for the coronavirus on Wednesday, he caught a lot of flack online for being irresponsible.

Gobert was seen in a video from earlier in the week jokingly touching all of the microphones in a media huddle. After teammate Donovan Mitchell also tested positive for the virus, the internet tore him apart. The seven-footer is making good on that though, making a large contribution to arena workers.

Gobert joins in on a number of NBA players who have decided to give back to employees. There is a general understanding that the workers at the arenas in which teams play will be without pay for quite some time. As such, teams and players have started stepping up.

Staples Center employees are going to be taken care of, three teams that play there announced a deal to make sure they are still paid. Gobert is in his seventh season with the Utah Jazz after being drafted out of France.

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Written by Brook Smith

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