NCAA News: The Tale of Rashaan Salaam’s Cursed Heisman Win

On Saturday night, college football will present the Heisman Trophy. Obviously, Joe Burrows is the front-runner from LSU. However, this story is not about the current Heisman which we will have words and stories on for weeks and months to come.

Indeed, it’s the tale of a past Heisman winner; from 1994. His name is Rashaan Salaam, and if you’re my age you remember the name well. In fact, I remember the day that Salaam won the Heisman and the guys who were up for the award with him.

Now, ESPN has one of their best stories in a long time by a writer named Elizabeth Merrill. As Trey Wingo says in his tweet below, this read is worth your time.

The story goes on to talk about the troubled life that Salaam followed after winning the Heisman Trophy at Colorado. Eventually, he passed away in December of 2016 in Boulder, Colorado under strange circumstances.

Without spoiling the story, it’s worth your time. And it’s worth noting that whenever a guy wins a Heisman Trophy, it doesn’t automatically ticket him towards long-term success on the football field or in life.

Simply, it’s important to remember that these guys are all very young. Once they leave the insulated bubble of college – it’s a chemistry experiment as to what will happen.

Finally, for every Eddie George; there is a Rashaan Salaam. This great read does a lot towards painting the message leading up to the Heisman Trophy presentation on Saturday night, which is always pretty good television for a football fan.

Written by Clint Evans


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