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NCAA proposes significant changes to college football regulations

The player counter and conference championship teams for the next season are subject to change. Over the previous few seasons, the Kentucky Wildcats football team has grown in talent and popularity. Since Mark Stoops took charge, Kentucky’s football program has improved significantly. It has appeared in six consecutive bowl games and won four of them, most recently defeating Iowa in the Citrus Bowl.

With that in mind, the NCAA may be considering changes that will undoubtedly affect the Cats. To begin, they’re seeking to lift the 25-man counter limit, according to Bryan Fischer. The other is a very intriguing step, since it establishes a committee to choose the conference’s two best teams for the conference title. Currently, the SEC is divided into two divisions: East and West.

Kentucky is a member of the East, which also includes Georgia and Florida, two football teams that are or have been powerhouses. Alabama and Auburn, along with Texas A&M and LSU, are the dominant names in the West. This past season, fans were treated to an electrifying SEC Championship game between Georgia and Alabama. While it may have little effect in the end, there is a greater opportunity for Kentucky or Florida to sneak into the championship if their resumes are not as outstanding as Georgia’s.

While Georgia and Alabama will remain heavy favorites to reach the title game, this is a positive development for the mid-tier teams that may have stronger credentials but just as many defeats. Additionally, it may emphasize the importance of a team’s non-conference schedule. Both rule changes appear to be beneficial and should improve college football for fans.



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