NCAA is unlikely to approve college football transfer windows

Though conversations are ongoing, sources tell CBS Sports that precise transfer periods to address the unsettling one-time transfer scenario are unlikely to be authorized by the NCAA this week. With multiple panels meeting this week at NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis, a resolution to a hugely intricate matter hangs in the balance. It was highly anticipated if the committees would amend the conventional regulations after the one-time transfer exemption in the 2020-2021 academic year.

“I doubt the [NCAA] Council takes any action other than bringing it up in concept form,” said Shane Lyons, the current head of the council, which has main legislative responsibility over Division I sports. The introduction of transfer windows later this summer is more plausible, as the powerful Transformation Committee analyzes NCAA deregulation as a whole.

“The deregulation of transfers combined with the evolution of [name, image, and likeness] is causing a lot of stress in the system,” a person close to the committee said. “Furthermore, the NCAA’s failure to enforce inducements and tampering [is a problem]. This has been a topic of discussion for a long time.”


Written by Eren Kilic

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