NCAAF News: Coastal Carolina and Georgia Southern Penalized for Dance Off

Think about what might be the worst call you’ve ever seen, and this might top it.

“Mo Bamba” by Scheck Wes came on through the loudspeakers as the third quarter came to a close in Saturday’s contest between Georgia Southern and Coastal Carolina, and both teams started dancing and jumping around on the field. It seemed like a fun, light-hearted moment compared to some of the scuffles we saw last week, but the refs didn’t seem to think so. They flagged every single player on both teams for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Since three players already had one unsportsmanlike prior to the dance-off, they were ejected from the game as a result.

According to ESPN, the dance-off started because Coastal Carolina players “took exception” to Georgia Southern’s dancing and proceeded to dance and jump around on their sideline.

“It wasn’t so much a ‘dance-off’ as it was a way for the players to puff their chests out and try to intimidate the other side, but dancing was involved,” ESPN’s Tom VanHaaren said in his story. “Although the players stayed nearly 20 yards apart, and there was no fighting, punches or physical contact, the referees threw penalties on both teams.”

Despite there being no physical contact, or even anything unsportsmanlike, the referees decided to end the fun and gave both teams penalties in a call that made Pac-12 refs look competent.

Georgia Southern would end up beating Coastal Carolina 30-27 in triple overtime.

Written by Andres Soto


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