NFL Draft Prop: How high will Kyler Murray be drafted?

We’re a little over two months away from the NFL Draft and in between whatever attention we toss the Alliance of American Football’s way and the upcoming NFL Free Agency period, nothing should be higher on your list of priorities than the NFL Draft. Especially if you root for (or run) a bad NFL team.

Outside of hiring the right head coach, nothing can change your team’s long-term fortunes like nailing the draft, and certainly picking a quarterback is the most important job any coach or general manager can do.

Thanks to his performance in the College Football Playoff and a freshly polished Heisman Trophy, Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray decided to forego his baseball career and enter the NFL Draft.

But how high will Murray go in the first round? Will he get selected in the first round at all? Needless to say, there’s a BetDSI prop bet just for that.

How high will Kyler Murray be drafted?

Over 9.5 (-150)

Under 9.5 (+120)

First off, let’s get this bit of ridiculousness out of the way, first. Murray is going in the first round. All this stupid talk about him dropping to day two is completely ridiculous. The kid is a first-round talent and potentially a franchise quarterback. Sure, he could bust out at the position, but every single quarterback ever taken that high has that potential. General Managers and head coaches have to pull the trigger when they have the chance. If a team misses, thanks to the last collective bargaining agreement, it won’t cripple their team for years to come like the old system did.

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We still have workouts and the NFL Combine to get to, but barring some kind of insane Drew Lock love to materialize out of the blue, Murray and Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins will be the first quarterbacks off the board. It doesn’t matter which guy you rank ahead of the other, because I don’t see any way, barring a blockbuster trade, they don’t go back-to-back.

The teams picking 1-3 don’t need to draft a quarterback. The Arizona Cardinals picked Josh Rosen last season, the San Francisco 49ers traded for Jimmy Garoppolo and the New York Jets drafted Sam Darnold.

Picking at No. 4, there’s a good chance the Oakland Raiders could take a quarterback if they deal Derek Carr. At No. 5, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are rolling with Jameis Winston for one more season, but a solid combine and interview performance from Murray or Haskins could change those plans really quick.

So there’s a chance that Murray or Haskins could be taken at No. 4 or No. 5. What is all but certain is that one of them will be nabbed at No. 6 when the New York Giants make their first round selection. Yes, Eli Manning will probably still be there, but the Giants must draft a quarterback of the future. The only way they don’t is if teams jumped them to draft Haskins or Murray or the Raiders and Bucs have made the call to move on from their present quarterback situations.

Whichever signal-caller the Giants don’t pick, the Jacksonville Jaguars will select right behind them at No. 7. There’s no way Murray makes it to No. 8, so under is the bet.

NFL Draft Prop: How high will Kyler Murray be drafted?
Article Name
NFL Draft Prop: How high will Kyler Murray be drafted?
How high will Kyler Murray go in the first round? Will he get selected in the first round at all? Needless to say, there's a BetDSI prop bet just for that.

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