NFL News: Antonio Brown and Eric Weddle Fight on Twitter

Former NFL player fights current NFL player by saying he doesn’t have a team.

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Truly, Antonio Brown continues to be the golden goose for sites like this one. Without question, his brand has gone from one of the best receivers of his generation to enrolling college student that hashes things out on social media.

On Thursday night, Brown tweeted that the NFL needs him like he’s a test answer. Then, Golden Tate simply boxed the tweet. From there, defensive back Eric Weddle simply said not to engage the beast.

And that is what kicked off the party.

Surely, it doesn’t seem like Brown has made a ton of sense of late. Moreover – and this will sound incredibly obvious – it doesn’t seem like he is thinking clearly. To be sure, there is more between Weddle and Brown.

Finally, Weddle is on a team; which everyone seems to know with the exception of Brown. Therefore, here is Weddle not talking about the spat after the Los Angeles Rams Thursday practice session.

Without question, we have seen the last of Antonio Brown on an NFL field. However that doesn’t mean he’s done factoring in to the league itself and it’s participants. Whereas back in the 1980’s or 1990’s, players would quietly retire; the current day of age allows for this kind of circus.

While it’s a feeding frenzy for the NFL in that it draws eyes and interest, one can be certain this is not the look that they want from their players.

Meanwhile, the odds of us writing more about Antonio Brown being involved in more drama or interesting storylines remain as sure as the sun rising.

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