NFL News: Bills’ Receiver Cole Beasley May Choose Retirement Over the COVID-19 Vaccine


The COVID-19 vaccine has somehow become a huge debate in the NFL. With recent rules being passed by the league on players who have received the vaccine, there has been a lot of backlash from players who do not wish to receive it.

One of those guys is Bills’ receiver Cole Beasley. He went on a long rant this week on Twitter about why he refused to get it and what lengths he was willing to go to in order to not be vaccinated. One day after tweeting against the new protocols, he took it a step further.

Beasley released a long statement talking about his willingness to walk away from the game of football. He also said in the statement that other NFL players felt similar but were not in positions in their career to be as outspoken. One of his Bills’ teammates later tweeted in support.

The league has not yet released any statement on Beasley’s remarks, nor have they addressed any concerns from any other players. But they could be in a very tough spot should Beasley decided to walk away from the sport.

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Written by Brook Smith


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