NFL News: Brady and Manning Battle It Out, Rule Change Proposals, and More!

All of your news from around the NFL this past week!


The news of the week in the NFL certainly came from the Match 2, where Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson took on Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods in a golf tournament benefiting COVID-19 relief efforts. Let’s take a look at the news from around the league this week!

Top News This Week

  • It was announced this week that there would be a nine-part docuseries on the life and legacy of Tom Brady. Entitled Man in the Arena, It is scheduled fro release in 2021. The series will cover Tom’s life on and off of the field, though the timing seems strange given the fact that Brady will likely still be playing by then.
  • Cowboys’ pass rusher Aldon Smith was officially reinstated by the NFL early last week. Smith had received a one-year suspension for a hit-and-run incident back in 2015. Smith later missed the entire 2016 and 2017 seasons and following the addition of a domestic violence case the Raiders had released him.
  • There could be one major rule change coming to the NFL, and people seem to be fairly excited about it. The rule change would eliminate the need for an onside kick, and it would allow a team a chance to maintain possession by going for it on 4th-and-15 from their 25-yard line.
  • The Seattle Seahawks keep adding to their running back dynasty up north by signing former Texans RB Carlos Hyde. The Hawks now have three legit options in Rashaad Penny and Chris Carson.
  • The Jets surprised everyone in football by signing former Superbowl MVP Joe Flacco to a one-year deal. Flacco will get the opportunity to compete for a backup job when he’s healthy and could put the pressure on Sam Darnold in the starting role as well.


Social News

We don’t have much to say about this particular clip, just watch one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time drop in this RIDICULOUS shot.

The Miami Dolphins seem to have won a popularity contest in their draft. Despite the fact that they added Gronk and Tom Brady to their city, Tua still reigns as king of jersey sales early on.

Robert Kraft is selling off his Superbowl LI ring at an auction as part of the All-In Challenge.

And finally, another very kind act to wrap of the news cycle for the week. Former wideout Chad Ochocinco Johnson left a $1,000 tip at a restaurant that had just reopened during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All of that news and more, this week in the NFL! Check back weekly with GMS Sports for the most up-to-date information on your favorite sports.

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