NFL News: Russell Wilson May Want Out of Seattle

Things with the Seahawks are rocky, to say the least.


The wild offseason of quarterback movement might be picking up even more steam this week. Reports came out that Russell Wilson was interested in leaving Seattle as tensions begin to build with the front office and staff.

At one point, the report was the Wilson had demanded a trade. His team later came out and said that he did not demand a trade, but they were also open about his desire to possibly move on. His team even released a list of teams that Wilson would like to be traded to in the event there is movement.

The list released by Wilson and his people includes the Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys, and Las Vegas Raiders. The Cowboys and Raiders both have starting QB’s in place, but the Saints and Bears could end up being a great fit. That would be especially true if Drew Brees retires as expected.

The Cowboys have to keep Dak Prescott in mind, even if they decide to issue their second franchise tag on him. The Raiders could consider sending Derek Carr to Seattle in return, though they would also need to include draft picks and likely money in the swap.

The list of teams issued by Wilson is supposed to be a “break glass in case of emergency” situation. That seems to suggest that he would prefer to stay in Seattle and play with the Seahawks. But the relationships around the star QB appear to be falling apart quickly, and who knows how salvageable they are at this point.

This NFL season could go from wild to absolutely unheard of in the history of the league…in terms of star QB movement.

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Written by Brook Smith

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