NFL Playoff Odds
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2018 NFL Playoff Odds: Betting Guide, Strategies & Picks

Is it too soon to start thinking about betting on the NFL playoffs? No, absolutely not – you can start betting on the playoff teams now, and make some bank betting the NFL Playoff Futures.   Don’t know what we’re talking about? Have no idea how to predict outcomes so far in the future? Say no more. Here’s everything you need to know, including all up-to-date NFL Playoff Odds:

The NFL Playoffs

The NFL Playoffs are a 12-team single-elimination tournament that crown the Super Bowl champion. Six teams are chosen from the NFL’s two conferences, the American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football Conference (NFC).

Each conference has four divisions (East, West, North, South) and each division has four teams. Eight of the 12 playoff spots are awarded to teams who win their division.

The final four spots go to Wild Card teams. Wild Card spots are awarded to the teams with the most wins who did not win their division. Both the AFC and NFC get two Wild Card teams.

2018 NFL Playoff Betting Guide

Betting on NFL Playoff Futures is similar to a season-long moneyline bet. Negative numbers would be considered more likely to happen while positive ones would be less likely.

For example, since the New England Patriots have made the playoffs every year since 2009, they would

NFL Playoffs Betting
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be considered likely to do so again. Their odds for making the playoffs (-1100) are better than any other team. Conversely, a +700, their odds of missing playoffs are slim.

As such, it would take a large bet on New England to make the playoffs to win any money, while a small bet on them missing the playoffs would be profitable if it comes to pass. A $1,100 bet on a Patriot playoff appearance would result in $100 of profit. A $100 bet on them sitting at home in January would earn $700 in profit.

AFC East Playoff Betting

Here is a full guide to betting the AFC East conference, including a per team analysis:


NFL Playoff Odds:

Yes: +500

No: -700

Analysis: Since the aforementioned Patriots have the best odds to make the playoffs, Buffalo’s best shot is as a Wild Card. They did it last year, but they needed a lucky break and now they have issues on the field at quarterback and off the field with LeSean McCoy.


NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: +600

No: -900

Analysis: The Dolphins were unlucky in 2017 after losing their starting quarterback to a torn ACL in the offseason and kicking the year off with a Week 1 bye due to Hurricane Irma. They’re a tempting bounce-back candidate considering they won 10 games in 2016. They’ve lost plenty of talent, though, including Jarvis Landry, Jay Ajayi, Mike Pouncey and Ndamukong Suh.

New England

NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: -1100

No: +700

Analysis: The Patriots have appeared in the AFC Championship game every year since 2011. The only year they missed the playoffs with Tom Brady as starting quarterback was 2002. This is just about the biggest lock in sports, though you’d have to risk a lot of money to win a small amount.

 New York Jets

NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: +1100

No: -2500

Josh McCown, NFL Playoffs betting
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Analysis: A Jets “yes” bet would be the biggest win you could get in this category. But the odds are long for a reason. The Jets have an unsettled quarterback situation with Sam Darnold, Josh McCown and Teddy Bridgewater all vying for the starting job. Other than that, they do have an okay roster that could become a scrappy sixth seed. A bettor who believes in the quarterbacks could take home a big payday.

AFC North

Here is a full guide to betting the AFC North conference, including a per team analysis:


 NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: +150

No: -170

Analysis: The Ravens have their own quarterback issues, which is surprising for a team that passes so much. They also have one of the league’s better coaches in John Harbaugh, finished .500 or above each of the last two seasons and don’t have a prohibitively difficult schedule.


NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: +500

No: -700

Analysis: Though the Bengals are coming off a seven-win season, it’s important to point out that they benefited from some easier competition. They had two wins against Cleveland, one against Indianapolis and one against Denver after they started their freefall. It’s tough to see them unseating Pittsburgh or earning a Wild Card berth.


NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: +600

No: -900

Analysis: Cleveland has won four games in the last three seasons and didn’t win any last year. They’re already looking better, but a trip to the playoffs? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: -400

No: +320

Pittsburgh Steelers, NFL Playoff Betting
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Analysis: Pittsburgh and New England are the only teams to win 10 or more games in each of the last four seasons. The Steelers can be difficult to wager on due to Ben Roethlisberger’s health issues, but they typically find a way. “Yes” odds are more enticing than expected, likely due to the Roethlisberger injury factor and Le’Veon Bell’s contract situation.

AFC South


NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: -115

No: -105

Analysis: Oh, excellent. “Yes” and “no” have almost the exact same odds. In other words, Houston’s season rests on Deshaun Watson’s shoulders and there’s no telling whether he’s fully recovered from the torn ACL he suffered on November 2. It’s tough to recommend anything here considering lack of information and no underdog bet.


NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: +290

No: -360

Analysis: Like the Texans, the Colts’ chances rest largely on the healthy return of their quarterback. Unlike Deshaun Watson, Andrew Luck has been battling his shoulder injury for years. People come back from torn ACLs all the time, but Luck’s status is more difficult to predict. Even if he is back, he may not be the same guy. But if you think Luck’s health problems are overblown, this is a great value.


NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: -120

NFL Playoff Odds, Leonard Fournette
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Analysis: The defending AFC South Champions and AFC Finalists will have a completely new receiving corps after replacing Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns with Donte Moncrief and rookie DJ Clark. They also added Pro Bowl guard Andrew Norwell in free agency, meaning Leonard Fournette’s second season should be even better. They are the safest “yes” in the division.


NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: +175

No: -200

Analysis: After back-to-back nine-win seasons, the Titans cleaned house and hired Mike Vrabel as their new head coach. With so many new faces, there isn’t much to go on. However, generally speaking, it’s better to bet against Bill Belichick disciples when they get their own team.

AFC West

Here is a full guide to betting the AFC West conference, including a per team analysis:


NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: +220

No: -260

Analysis: Case Keenum should provide something of an upgrade over the disastrous 2017 trio of Trevor Siemian, Brock Osweiler and Paxton Lynch. But it’s also wise not to completely rely on him after a career year. The better hope is that the defense, with the addition of fifth overall pick Bradley Chubb, returns to glory and Keenum is just good enough. That’s not a bad bet.

Kansas City

NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: +150

No: -170

Analysis: Kansas City traded in the safe and reliable Alex Smith for the young and unproven Patrick Mahomes. That means the Chiefs’ reign as king of giveaways (just 11 in 2017) is in jeopardy. But if Mahomes is up to the task, the additions of Sammy Watkins and Kendall Fuller put the Chiefs in position to repeat as AFC West champions.

Los Angeles Chargers

NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: +145

No: -165

Analysis: With better early-season kicking, it very well could have been the Chargers winning the AFC West. Now they’ve (hopefully) corrected their kicking problems and added Mike Pouncey to boot. A “yes” to the Chargers is one of the best values available.


Oakland Raiders Playoffs, NFL Playoffs Odds
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NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: +150

No: -170

Analysis: The return of Jon Gruden will be closely monitored. Did the game pass him by, and are the Raiders too reliant on aging players? Can he bring Derek Carr back after a down 2017? Is he worth the three or four more wins Oakland would need to make it in the playoffs this year? Best to lean toward “no” until we see otherwise.

NFC East

Here is a full guide to betting the NFC East conference, including a per team analysis:


NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: +130

No: -150

Analysis: The good news is the Cowboys can finally put the Ezekiel Elliott saga behind them. It was clear how much he meant to them when he was out in 2017. The bad news is Dak Prescott appeared to take a step back and there weren’t any clear “save the day” players in the Cowboys’ free agent or draft class. But they won nine games despite Elliott’s issues, so a jump to the playoffs is a solid bet considering the odds.

New York Giants

NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: +300

No: -370

Analysis: The Giants earned the second overall pick by being one of the toughest teams to watch in 2017. Fortunately, help is on the way. Odell Beckham should be back and healthy while Saquon Barkley could boost the Giants in the same way Ezekiel Elliott and Leonard Fournette boosted the Cowboys and Jaguars, respectively. “Yes” in an interesting longshot bet, especially if you believe in Barkley.


NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: -300

No: +250

Analysis: The Super Bowl champions are getting Carson Wentz back in the lineup, plus Haloti Ngata and Michael Bennett are joining the defensive line. They have the fewest questions of any NFC East team by far, meaning anything short of a trip to the playoffs would be a big surprise.


NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: +285

No: -350

Analysis: Washington’s success will depend on whether they were right to replace Kirk Cousins with Alex Smith. If not, they’re staring at a last-place finish. They do not look to be as talented as the team that won seven games a year ago, while the Giants have closed the gap.

NFC North

Here is a full guide to betting the NFC North conference, including a per team analysis:


NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: +450

No: -600

Analysis: The Bears, with their first-time coach and second-year quarterback, are drawing comparisons to the 2017 Rams. There are some similarities, but the Bears haven’t won more than six games since 2013. They’re also in a tough division. A trip to the playoffs would be a big upset, as the odds indicate.


NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: +250

No: -300

Analysis: The Lions have been agents of mediocrity and, other than a coaching change, there is little to suggest they will improve. They shouldn’t be bad, but they’re likely playing for a Wild Card spot behind the two top dogs in the division.

Green Bay

NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: -160

No: +140

Analysis: Aaron Rodgers is back, so the Packers should be back in the playoffs as long as he stays healthy. That, plus the addition of Jimmy Graham, could make this one of the best offenses in the league.


NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: -145

NFL Playoffs Betting, NFL Playoffs Odds
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No: +125

Analysis: The Packers will get the accolades because of Rodgers, but the Vikings were NFC Finalists in 2017 and bagged two of the top prizes in free agency: Kirk Cousins and Sheldon Richardson. They’re the team to beat in the NFC North, though the odds will always favor the Packers and Rodgers due to name value.

NFC South

Here is a full guide to betting the NFC South conference, including a per team analysis:


NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: -110

No: -110

Analysis: Atlanta’s offense was more than fine in 2017, but they couldn’t reach the same success as Kyle Shanahan’s version in 2016. To their credit, they got better as the season went along and added Calvin Ridley to line up across from Julio Jones. Unfortunately, they’ll have a difficult early-season schedule: at Philadelphia, vs. Carolina, vs. New Orleans, vs. Cincinnati, at Pittsburgh. How they fare in those games could set the tone for the rest of the season.


NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: +120

No: -140

Analysis: The Panthers aren’t stacked on paper, but they return much of a team that won 11 games in 2017. The problem is they don’t have an easy game in their division and they face more than their share of top-flight offenses. This is shaping up to be a “no” unless Cam Newton has another MVP season.

 New Orleans

NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: -105

No: -115

Analysis: New Orleans came back in a big way in 2017 after finally fielding a respectable defense and injecting young playmaker Alvin Kamara into the offense. Drew Brees’ age is a concern but he didn’t look close to finished last season. The Saints aren’t the favorites to win the division, but maybe they should be.

Tampa Bay

NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: +290

No: -360

Analysis: A popular sleeper pick in 2017, the Bucs have already taken a hit after Jameis Winston’s three-game suspension. They had the deck stacked against them even before that as they play in a division with three other teams that won 10 or more games last year. The addition of Jason Pierre-Paul likely isn’t enough to lift them out of the NFC South cellar.

NFC West

Here is a full guide to betting the NFC West conference, including a per team analysis:


NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: +850

No: -1500

Analysis: The Cardinals have a brutal schedule and an unsettled quarterback situation. That’s part of why they’re the second-biggest playoff underdog in the league. They’ve also got a new coaching staff led by first-time coach Steve Wilks. David Johnson’s return will help, but Arizona will need plenty of breaks to advance to the playoffs.

Los Angeles Rams

NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: -180

Los Angeles Rams, NFL Playoffs Odds
Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

No: +160

Analysis: The Rams have talent, a young quarterback on a rookie deal, and excellent coaches in Sean McVay and Wade Phillips. That was true before they added Ndamukong Suh, Aqib Talib, Marcus Peters, and traded out Sammy Watkins for Brandin Cooks. This team is stacked and the NFC West is theirs to lose. A “yes” bet on the Rams would be wise.

San Francisco

NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: +175

No: -200

Analysis: The Jimmy G love affair is in full swing, as a team that started 0-9 last year actually has decent playoff odds this year. But they’re still considered a playoff underdog, so a Niners wager is understandable. It might be a good time to pounce before San Francisco wins a few preseason games and the hype goes out of control.


NFL Playoff Odds

Yes: +175

No: -200

Analysis: On one hand, a decent kicker could have given the Seahawks 11 or 12 wins and a division title in 2017. On the other hand, they’ve lost a ton of talent and could still lose more. Gone are Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Cliff Avril, Jimmy Graham, Sheldon Richardson, Paul Richardson and DeShawn Shead. Earl Thomas could be out before long, too. The addition of Sebastian Janikowski should help with the kicking woes, but the rest of the vacancies will be filled by new and/or unproven players. Obviously not great news with the Rams and 49ers continuing to improve.

2018 NFL Playoff Betting: All 32 Team's Odds, Strategies & Picks
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2018 NFL Playoff Betting: All 32 Team's Odds, Strategies & Picks
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