Oregon Derby: Oregon St vs Oregon Prediction | NCAAF Top #20

The Oregon State vs Oregon game, often referred to as the Oregon Derby, is a highlight in the NCAAF calendar, especially with both teams ranking in the top #20. This article offers a prediction and insights into a matchup that is always fiercely contested. Be sure to check our Top Us Sportsbooks and get a signup bonus.

Oregon State: Seeking an Upset

Oregon State enters the derby as a formidable opponent, boasting a robust offense and a rapidly improving defense. Their quarterback, known for his accuracy and decision-making, will be key to unlocking Oregon’s defense. The Beavers’ running game, powerful and versatile, could be the difference-maker in this matchup.

Oregon: A Balanced Powerhouse

Oregon, consistently one of the top teams in the nation, presents a well-balanced team on both sides of the ball. Their dynamic offense is capable of explosive plays, while their defense is known for its athleticism and ability to make critical stops. The Ducks’ ability to control the tempo of the game will be crucial.

Game Prediction

In terms of NCAAF predictions, this derby is expected to be closely contested. Oregon State’s potential for an upset is real, given their recent performances. However, Oregon’s overall balance and home-field advantage give them a slight edge.

Key Factors and Players

Key factors include Oregon State’s ability to execute in critical situations and Oregon’s efficiency on both offense and defense. Players to watch include Oregon State’s running back, whose performance could be game-changing, and Oregon’s linebacker, who will be pivotal in containing the Beavers’ offensive attacks.


The Oregon State vs Oregon game is more than just a regular NCAAF matchup; it’s a storied rivalry with significant implications for both teams. Fans can expect a game filled with passion, strategic battles, and moments that could define both teams’ seasons in the top #20 rankings.

Written by Eduardo Marin

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