Patrick Beverley is eager to play with Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook assisted Patrick Beverley when he was still perspiring from working out at the Los Angeles Lakers’ practice facility. Beverley’s initial press conference was stopped by Westbrook, who threw him a towel and made sure his new backcourt buddy looked nice.


The only Lakers player to attend Beverley’s first official game with the franchise was Westbrook, who set aside any animosity with Beverley. While it is yet unclear how this point guard combination will complement LeBron James and Anthony Davis, Westbrook and Beverley gave off the impression on Tuesday that they are prepared to work together by hugging one another after Beverley finished speaking.

When Beverley was questioned about his connection and fit with Westbrook, he responded, “I am really happy. I was asked about someone I always wanted to play with two or three years ago, and the first name that sprang to me was Westbrook.” Beverley is obviously pleased to play with Westbrook.


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