To play in Canada, NBA players must either be immunized or receive a medical clearance

According to a league document acquired by ESPN, the NBA reminded clubs on Monday that players still needed to have either had a main course of a COVID-19 vaccination or received a medical clearance from having one, in order to play games in Canada.


The memo further stipulates that clubs must identify players who are unable to play in games in Canada as “Out – Health and Safety Protocols” and that they would forfeit their compensation for any games they miss as a result of not having the necessary vaccinations.

The same regulations have applied to playing in Toronto since the middle of last season; these regulations prevented at least two players, guards for the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers, respectively, from taking part in road contests against the Raptors. To yet, no word has been made regarding the matter by any of the teams.


Written by GMS

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