Raptors Are Champs, Takeaways From the NBA Finals, the NBA’s Injury Crisis, and More | GMS Podcast Episode 12

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On Episode 12 of the Get More Sports Podcast, we breakdown the Raptors’ title clinching Game 6 win against the Warriors and how their improbable championship run changed the course of NBA history. Next, we give you 10 hot takeaways from the NBA finals including Kawhi’s future, Stephs continued struggles in pressure situations, and the future of the Golden State Warriors.

Finally, we do a deep dive into the most pressing issue facing the NBA: player injuries. The brutal injuries suffered by Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson in the finals are prime examples of the league’s ongoing injury crisis, and we have some solutions. This and much more in Episode 12! Don’t forget to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!




Written by Doug McKain

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