Rob Williams may reprise his role in the C’s-Nets series

After all, the Brooklyn Nets may not be able to escape Robert Williams in their first-round matchup against the Boston Celtics. The series scheduling benefits the Celtics as they await the return of the big man following meniscus surgery. Two days will be off following Sunday’s Game 1, two days will be off following Game 2, and two days will be off between Games 3 and 4. If the series continues to seven games, Game 7 will take place on May 1.

This offers Williams enough opportunity to re-enter the Boston lineup. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, there is a good possibility we may see the Time Lord on the court during the series.

“I’m told the prospect of Robert Williams returning in this first-round series against the Nets is extremely real,” Wojnarowski said Wednesday on NBA Countdown. “Game 6 would take place just over a month after he underwent left knee meniscus surgery on March 30.

“The initial thinking was that, given the nature of this meniscus surgery, he may return within that one-month timeframe. He’s continued to improve, he’s met all of his benchmarks thus far, and there is a genuine potential for Boston… that he may return to play against the Nets in the series’ last game.”

Williams underwent surgery on March 30 and was given a four- to six-week recuperation period. The four-week mark will occur on April 27, the day of Game 5. This is unfortunate news for a Nets squad that was looking forward to hitting the basket without Williams. Bruce Brown of the Nets already provided the C’s with some bulletin board fodder by singling out big guys Al Horford and Daniel Theis.

If and when Williams returns, he will immediately make an impact. Prior to his injury, the 24-year-old succeeded in his first full season as a starter, averaging 10.0 points, 9.6 rebounds, and 2.2 blocks per game en route to earning Defensive Player of the Year honors.


Written by Hillary Thompson

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