The Rockets Reportedly Made Clint Capela A Monster Offer

U[p-and-coming, 24-year-old center Clint Capela remains on the restricted free agency market, but that’s not because the Rockets are being stingy. The team recently offered the former No. 25 pick (2014) a five-year deal worth up to $90 million, per a new report, which adds that the Rockets are confident they will ultimately land Capela.

Previous reports had indicated the team was being far stingier. One said the team offered something resembling four years and $53 million. Another said it was more like four years and $60 million.

Here’s the average of each of the three above deals:
Five years, $85-90 million: $17-18 million per year
Four years, $53 million: $13.25 million per year
Four years, $60 million: $15 million per year

Capela is reportedly looking for a contract similar to that of Oklahoma City’s Steven Adams. That sounds fair, as the players are comparable, but Adams is making $100 million over four years — $25 million per year.

Considering Houston just signed Chris Paul to a four-year max deal, Daryl Morey and company must be strategic with Capela. It isn’t immediately apparent which other NBA team would be willing to offer the forward more cash, however, so Capela may end up settling for less than he would like.

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Shift of Power?

With LeBron James joining the Lakers, L.A. has emerged as a contender in the West. The Warriors, of course, however, remain the favorite to win the conference. The Rockets, who nearly took down Golden State in the Western Conference Finals, are in the mix as well.

Below are the latest odds to win the NBA title, via BetDSI Sportsbook.

Golden State Warriors 5/8
Los Angeles Lakers 5/1
Boston Celtics 11/2
Houston Rockets 10/1
Philadelphia 76ers 12/1
Oklahoma City Thunder 40/1

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