A-Rod Rips The Astros, Tom Brady Free Agency Madness, Welcome Back Steph Curry! | GMS Podcast

Episode 110

Alex Rodriguez called out the Astros while calling a Grapefruit League Game between the Yankees and Red Sox.  A-rod went in on the Astros saying, “You’ve earned whatever comes your way, including whether it’s being hit by a pitch or negative press, you have divorced yourself from having the ability to protect yourself.” We discuss A-Rod’s comments and tell you how the Astros could learn from Alex Rodriguez. Plus, Trevor Bauer’s epic troll job against the Astros. 

UFC president Dana White, recorded his conversation with Tom Brady on Instagram Live Wednesday. The Boston native pushed hard for Brady to stay with the Patriots or join the Las Vegas Raiders. We discuss the latest Tom Brady free agency rumors and tell you why the 49ers are a perfect fit. Plus, who are the 8 teams trying to sign Brady?

The Warriors announced Steph Curry will return to the lineup in Thursday’s NBA Finals rematch against the Raptors. We discuss Curry’s decision to play again this season. Plus, should Curry have sat the year out to help the Warriors tank?

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Written by Doug McKain

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