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Round 37 Italia

Round 37 Italia Lega Calcio

Round 37 Italia leaves two fixtures remaining in the campaign, and the Scudetto has yet to be decided. Five points separate Juventus, Roma and Napoli at the top of the Serie A table entering this weekend.

Juventus has securely earned the first of three possible trophies they could win this campaign. After beating Lazio in the Coppa Italia finale 2 – 0 on Thursday, the club hoisted the hardware at Stadio Olimpico. Hopefully, all of you are aware that I have an article here at GMS regarding Juventus, and their odds to take the European treble. It is a Futures Article, and you can click on the highlighted link to check it out.

The second of the three trophies for Juventus could come this weekend in Turin. Crotone faces the lovely assignment of trying to deny Juventus the Scudetto in their home stadium. The Old Lady has struggled of late in league play, drawing two previous matches before losing last weekend to Roma. Roma needed those three points, to not just deny Juventus the Scudetto, but to keep their own chances open to steal the trophy altogether.

Not that Roma would be stealing anything if they indeed earn it, but the odds are still in Juventus’ favor to eventually raise the hardware. I was the unfortunate one who didn’t have faith in my own Roma club last weekend. Of course, they came out with guns a blazin’, and Danieli De Rossi was just an animal for La Maggica in the 3 – 1 win.

Never short on emotion, De Rossi had me remembering why I love his passion so much. I thought he was going to pop no less then 4 veins when he tied the match at 1 – 1. Oh, but the real story of the day has to go to Francesco Totti. How about that 93rd minute appearance, everyone? Impressive wasn’t it? Those crucial 45 seconds he spent on the pitch really changed the complexion of the match completely. And, if you believe that, I have a bridge in New York I will sell to you at a great price too! More stupidity to go along with what is already full of massive amounts of stupidity! I think I got my point across with loads of sarcasm too, but if you need further explanation, just ask.

Anyway, AS Roma cannot do anything to directly stop Juventus from beating Crotone this weekend. Neither can Napoli, who are still a part of the Scudetto conversation, be it a limited chat that it is.

Roma and Napoli both appear on the Saturday schedule, and Juventus will likely have an eye on both contests. On Sunday, seven contests will fill the slate, and we will wrap up round 37 Italia on Monday at Stadio Adriatico.

I think it’s exciting that these final two weekends will at least have something left to talk about. Juventus has clinched the Scudetto by now all too frequently in the last five campaigns, so this could be interesting. I say could be, but I think most of us see the writing on the ‘trofeo’ already.

Let’s take a look at the lines for round 37 Italia, and hand out some plays for the weekend as well. There are always a few favorable lines to make use of, and that is part of my job here!

Saturday, May 20 – 2 Matches

Chievo Verona vs AS Roma
3-Way 1×2 Lines:

Chievo +1075
Roma -400
Draw +535

Chievo +2 -120
Roma -2 +100

Total 3.5:
Over -105
Under -115

Napoli vs Fiorentina
Napoli -370
Fiorentina +975
Draw +515

Napoli -1.5 -140
Fiorentina +1.5 +120

Total 3.5:
Over -115
Under -105

Sunday, May 21 – 7 Matches

Juventus vs Crotone
Juventus -500
Crotone +1500
Draw +580

Juventus -2 -115
Crotone +2 -105

Total 3:
Over -115
Under -105

AC Milan vs Bologna
Milan -290
Bologna +825
Draw +425

Milan -1.5 +100
Bologna +1.5 -120

Total 3:
Over -125
Under +105

Empoli vs Atalanta
Empoli +125
Atalanta +220
Draw +250

Empoli -0.5 +125
Atalanta +0.5 -145

Total 2.5:
Over -130
Under +110

Genoa vs Torino
Genoa +100
Torino +300
Draw +240

Genoa -0.5 +100
Torino +0.5 -120

Total 3:
Over -115
Under -105

Sassuolo vs Cagliari
Sassuolo -125
Cagliari +350
Draw +280

Sassuolo -0.5 -125
Cagliari +0.5 +105

Total 3:
Over -125
Under +105

Udinese vs Sampdoria
Udinese +110
Sampdoria +255
Draw +250

Udinese -0.5 +110
Sampdoria +0.5 -130

Total 3:
Over +105
Under -125

Lazio vs Inter Milan
Lazio -105
Inter +265
Draw +280

Lazio -0.5 -105
Inter +0.5 -115

Total 3:
Over -135
Under +115

Monday, May 22 – 1 Match

Pescara vs Palermo
Pescara +120
Palermo +210
Draw +265

Pescara -0.5 +120
Palermo +0.5 -140

Total 3:
Over -130
Under +110

Before I get in depth about round 37 Italia, the Serie B main campaign came to a close on Thursday. Spal and Hellas Verona will find themselves in Serie A for the 2017/18 campaign. One remaining club will join them, and the promotional playoffs begin on May 22 and 23.

Cittadella and Carpi will face off on May 22, for the right to face Frosinone in the semifinals.
Benevento and Spezia will play on May 23, with the winner advancing to face Perugia in the semi’s.
The semifinals will be a two-legged affair, but the quarterfinals are a ‘one and done’ scenario.

I will certainly be all over the Serie B promotional playoffs, but there is bad news for four other clubs. There are no relegation playoffs in Serie B.

Trapani, Vicenza, Pisa and Latina will part of Lega Pro in 2017/18, the third tier of Italian football. If we need to get all technical about it, we do not refer to the third tier as Serie C, per say. The 2017/18 Lega Pro campaign will officially recognized as Divisione Unica, but I will forgive anyone who feels like calling it Serie C. Just don’t say it out loud, and you won’t look like a wannabe with your Italian football knowledge.

And speaking of Lega Pro, their promotion, and relegation playoffs, are now under way. Two matches are set for May 20 towards promotion, and two others are set for May 21 towards the play-out. It just gets crazier from there, and I could go on about how all of that will go down as well. I guess you either love this stuff, or it is just something you casually follow. Naturally, every one of us have different levels of interest, pertaining to any leagues around the globe. I just happen to have a vested interest in Italian football, and it really is the only Nation I concentrate on.

Of course, that is when it comes to league play in Europe. I let the madman named The Admiral run around Get More Sports, giving out other European league advice. Oh, I got your Champions League, Europa League, and International football too. I am all over everything World Cup related, which always makes me happen to mention. Why, you ask? A little appearance for World Cup Magazine in 2014, was certainly a highlight for me. I profiled 10 of the 32 clubs for the World Cup in Brazil, most of which were European teams. It helps when you apply for a gig, and have as much Italian football background as I do.

That’s just one of many highlights I have had the pleasure to be a part of in my life. Today, we all just concentrate on Get More Sports, and I can’t wait to make a big announcement soon. Oh, it is so big! Like Big, BIG! In the Biggest of big ways! I won’t spoil it yet, but all of us are preparing for something. Chew on that, and it was meant to not give away much, so just let me surprise you.

That is what also separates me from other sites that just gives out plays, or calls their stuff ‘previews’. I like to yap about my personal experiences in my articles, because that’s what makes me, me! Plus, you know when you are about to read one of my pieces, that you will have something along the way to laugh at. And something, along the way, to place a bet on.

So let’s do that, because people like to make money last I heard.

Did you recognize that there was only one total under 3 for round 37 Italia? Although that match, Empoli vs Atalanta, has the Over juiced at -130 anyway, so what do we expect? My favorite word in the dictionary… Goals! There have been 1040 goals scored in Serie A this year, leaving the potential to topple 1100. The league put in another 32 goals last weekend, so with two rounds left to play, 1100 might happen. We have not seen 1100 goals in Serie A since the 1951/52 campaign, when 1101 balls found the net.

Not coincidentally, I find myself drooling over both totals on Saturday. Is a 3.5 supposed to scare someone off a play in Naples with Fiorentina and Napoli? I feel no shake in either of my boots, and I doubt they will play a slowed-down match with no pace. Fiorentina might see value in a Europa League bid for next year, even if it is back in qualifying stages. Sixth place in the Serie A final table will be granted a Europa League qualifying entry. AC Milan and Fiorentina are separated by a point with two matches remaining for that spot. Atalanta has basically sealed up the second Europa League group stage entry with their 66 points.

I expect Fiorentina and Napoli to do plenty of scoring on Saturday. I bet you were all nervous when that first half played with Lazio and Fiorentina last weekend. No goals in the first half, and we had the total to go Over on the board. After five second half goals cashed our tickets, I go back to the well again.

Suggested Play:
Napoli / Fiorentina
Total Goals Over 3.5 @ -115

And like I said, I like both totals on Saturday, so I waste no more ink towards a suggestion.

Suggested Play:
Chievo vs AS Roma
Total Goals Over 3.5 @ -105

When Sunday arrives, the second piece of hardware I expect towards the Juventus treble will be earned. At least that’s my opinion, because Crotone has a zero chance of stopping it from happening. The line setters know what we all know, and the lines are where we would expect them to be. The Crotone team total of a half goal, is set at -150 to the Under, and +130 to the Over. Um yeah, that tells you plenty about Crotone’s odds of scoring in Turin this weekend.

Juventus simply has to win, and I doubt they really care if it is 1 – 0, or 9 – 0. Gigi Buffon would likely enjoy keeping a clean sheet at home in their final home affair of the entire season. There is one match with Bologna on the road left for Juventus in league play, and then they have a rather large meeting to come. It has nothing to do with Serie A, because Real Madrid might be all that is left for Juventus to conquer from there. The Champions League final is set for June 3, and so much history will be at stake there as well. I will cover that when the time comes, because I think that might take more then a sentence or two to discuss. Just a hunch, of course.

I mentioned that Atalanta total with Empoli before, and why settle for that straight 2.5 at -130? That’s about as valuable as the guitar pick sitting in front of me. The real value comes with the movement up to 3, because +120 looks so much better then -130, doesn’t it? Yes, it could lead to a push if they get stuck at 2 – 1, but I see more then three goals coming anyway.

Suggested Play:
Empoli / Atalanta
Total Goals Over 3 @ +120

The match in Rome on Sunday might be hysterical to watch as well. Lazio and Inter Milan might score 4 goals in each half! Seriously, I see that total at 3.5 instead of 3, as another glorious opportunity to move the line for value.

It goes like this…

Suggested Play:
Lazio / Inter Milan
Total Goals Over 3.5 @ +120

Okay, well let me wrap this up right there, and let you get back to life. Enjoy the round 37 Italia action, and I will catch you for the finale next week.

In Bocca Al Lupo, Ciao!

About EJ the Rainmaker

EJ Garr has been a freelance sports writer and handicapper for more than 20 years. He appeared as a featured writer in Beckett's Magazine for the 2014 World Cup. An experienced radio host, he also lends his voice to the radio shows on the Sports Palooza Radio Network, which includes a weekly segment dedicated to the NY Cosmos.

About EJ the Rainmaker

EJ Garr has been a freelance sports writer and handicapper for more than 20 years. He appeared as a featured writer in Beckett's Magazine for the 2014 World Cup. An experienced radio host, he also lends his voice to the radio shows on the Sports Palooza Radio Network, which includes a weekly segment dedicated to the NY Cosmos.

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