This Rumor Adds Steam To The LeBron-To-Philly Murmurs

LeBron James is currently carrying his Cleveland Cavaliers through the Eastern Conference. It’s truly remarkable that he has taken them this far — past two legitimately good teams in the Indiana Pacers and Toronto Raptors. Even if the Celtics sweep the Cavs to advance to the NBA Finals, fans will remember LeBron’s monster effort for a long time.

That does not, however, mean he wants to continue shouldering such a heavy load. LeBron is Cleveland’s entire team, and rumors have long indicated he is interested in exploring new situations — like, say, those in Los Angeles, Houston, and Philadelphia.

LeBron to the City of Brotherly Love?

The LeBron-to-Philly rumors heated up when the Sixers went on a late-season tear. His suddenly close relationship with Ben Simmons certainly didn’t hurt. A report from FOX’s Chris Broussard, one of the most plugged-in NBA reporters on the planet, will only make those rumors grow hotter.

According to Broussard, the former St. Vincent-St. Mary’s star is hoping to play more off the ball in the future. He could do that, of course, with young, 6-foot-10 swingman Ben Simmons running the point in Philly.

“I’ve been told by somebody that would know that LeBron wants to play off the ball,” Broussard said on The Herd with Colin Cowherd. “I’m talking about LeBron going to Philly and playing like more of a true small forward.”

Broussard added: “What I was told is LeBron has done that, because he’s never really had a teammate who was a playmaker for other guys.”

Check out the full conversation below.

Indeed, the four-time MVP’s teams have long relied on him to create offense. He has, however, had the pleasure of playing alongside Dwyane Wade (in Miami) and Kyrie Irving (in Cleveland).

James could join a promising young Sixers core. Philly has Simmons, big man Joel Embiid, and do-it-all power forward Dario Saric in the fold. LBJ could assume the role of veteran mentor, handing off the torch as the league’s most versatile creator to Simmons.

With James, Paul George, and DeMarcus Cousins on the market, this offseason is going to be really fun.

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