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RuPaul's Drag Race

RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap – Snap Out of It!

Since we last left RuPaul’s Drag Race and the drags, a reminder of who is still in the competition:

Monet X Change, 27, from The Bronx, New York n
Asia O’Hara, 35,
 from Dallas, Texas
Miz Cracker, 33, from New York, New York
Eureka, from Tennessee 
Kameron Michaels, 31, from Nashville, Tennessee 
The Vixen, 26, from Chicago, Illinois
Aquaria, 21, from Brooklyn, New York

My favorite, Blair St. Clair, was eliminated two weeks ago.

The show starts off with what seems to be the continuation of the same crap all season — a battle between The Vixen, who escaped elimination last week, and Eureka.

This week’s mini challenge is “Slap Out of It.” Each drag comes up with fake lines that will motivate Mother Ru to slap her. The winner was Asia O’Hara.

The Maxi challenge is Cher: The Unauthorized Rusical. Each contestant has to portray Cher and sing live from a different era of Cher’s career.

Kameron: 60’s Cher
Monet and The Vixen: 70s Variety Show Cher
Aquaria: Disco Cher
Asia: Movie Star Cher
Eureka: Rockstar Cher
Miz Cracker: Comeback Cher

Of course, this challenge becomes a montage of hair flipping, Cher imitations, etc. Miz: “American Horror Story: Cher Edition.

RuPaul walks around giving advice to the contestants about their Cher imitations. “Snap out of it!” Ru says that Kameron has been flying under the radar so she needs to show up. Monet sings opera, but who knows if that will work. RuPaul says apply your talents to everything and stop compartmentalizing your talents. Miz Cracker talks about a family who has no exposure to pop culture at all (only one hour a week!) and was really poor so she’s struggling a bit. The Vixen says she’s never done a Cher impersonation, but she has lip-synched her songs before. RuPaul asks The Vixen why she thinks that everyone wants her to go and she says that everyone doesn’t like that she tells it as it is. Aquaria likes the song she has because it is her notes that she can sing. The other girls can’t believe that Aquaria thinks she can sing.

Kameron is struggling with remembering the words. The Vixen is struggling with making Cher facial expressions. Miz Cracker is struggling with the dance moves while working with a microphone prop. Asia forgets the words. Eureka has bad nerves about singing and wants to rehearse the moves without the singing, but is told that she can’t give up. She talks about anxiety about singing in front of people thanks to her dad.  Monet tries to help Eureka to feel better.

Asia tries to talk to The Vixen about the fights with Eureka and how she’s putting her anger about those who have more than she’s had on to Eureka.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Judging Time!

Billy Eichner and Andrew Rannells are guest judges.

It’s showtime! Kameron starts the show and her singing isn’t half bad. Monet is up next and it’s the deeper voiced Cher. This is funny. The Vixen is up next and I’m not buying this. She seems more like an intermission act than a Cher. Aquaria comes out next and the outfit is fantastic and she has the moves and she’s funny, but she’s not quite Cher either. The Snap Out of it is okay. Asia forgot the words to one of her verses, but she pulls through. Eureka is next and nailed the look of Cher and she’s singing, and that’s good. Her dancing is a little weak, but she’s rocking it. Miz Cracker comes out and has the look of Cher and her bit is funny.

The RuPaul’s Drag Race runway is glittertastic!

Judge critique time:

Kameron: They love her runway look. The Cher was the most spot-on voice. She set the bar very high.
Monet: Runway makeup was fun, but part of the illusion is gone because they see the tape. Her Cher was fantastic.
The Vixen: Outfit was fun, but they put down her Cher performance — no Cher at all.
Aquaria: Loved the runway look and her rhinestone look. The Cher wasn’t as great. Was more Madonna-ish.
Asia: Loved the runway look, but they didn’t love the shoes. Wasn’t as impressed with Cher.
Eureka: The runway look is gorgeous, but didn’t like the stripes. They liked the Cher, but they said it took time to get there. She’s proud of herself that she finished the skit.
Miz Cracker: Loved the glittery runway look. The Cher didn’t bowl them over, but she pulled it off because of the Cher mannerisms.

Monet is safe.
Kameron is the winner of the challenge.
Eureka is safe.
Asia is up for elimination.
Miz Cracker is safe.
The Vixen is up for elimination.
Aquaria is safe.

The Vixen and Asia must sing Groove is in the Heart to save themselves.

Asia O’Hare is safe.

The Vixen is eliminated.

My ranking now:

Monet X Change, 27, from The Bronx, New York n
Kameron Michaels, 31, from Nashville, Tennessee
Asia O’Hara, 35,
 from Dallas, Texas
Miz Cracker, 33, from New York, New York
Eureka, from Tennessee 
Aquaria, 21, from Brooklyn, New York


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