Sports Betting Tips with Chris Sheridan Episode 5: Kawhi Leonard To The Knicks?

Episode 5 of the Sports Betting Tips podcast, featuring veteran NBA journalist Chris Sheridan and SiriusXM host Noah Coslov, is now live. In this episode, Sheridan and Coslov discuss NBA Summer League, Kawhi Leonard’s future, the 2019 NBA offseason, and more. Stream the podcast below.

The conversation commences with Noah discussing his experiences in Las Vegas for Summer League. All 30 NBA teams were in attendance for the first time. Coslov said there was more buzz at Summer League than usual, but less buzz than last year.

In 2017, two of the biggest NBA fan bases — the Celtics and Lakers — had stars (Jayson Tatum and Lonzo Ball, respectively) on the court. In 2018, the biggest stars played for smaller-market teams (like DeAndre Ayton for Phoenix and Mohamed Bamba for Orlando).

The LeBron talk had died down by the time of Summer League, as Coslov noted many in attendance were already focused on the summer of 2019. Naturally, that means people were talking about Kawhi Leonard.

“Right now, it seems the only places he would extend are Philadelphia and Los Angeles,” Sheridan shared.

With that said, however, don’t rule out the Knicks, who are only a move or two away from having two max-contracts spots.

“Kawhi to New York is not beyond the realm of possibility,” Sheridan explained.

He and Coslov agreed that both the Knicks and Nets are in play. Additionally, Kawhi may be interested in Philadelphia largely because it is a short commute from New York, where he has spent significant time in the past year. Leonard could live in New York and commute to Philadelphia like J.J. Redick does (Redick lives in Brooklyn).

2019 Will Be Juicy

2019 will feature an embarrassment of riches in terms of high-end free agents.

“A second-tier free agent next year might be Kemba Walker,” Coslov said.

Teams will have their eye on Kawhi, Kevin Durant, DeMarcus Cousins, and Klay Thompson, among others.

Later in the podcast, our co-hosts discussed the fallout effects of the new Supreme Court gambling legislation, casino sports gambling, the World Cup, over/unders for the upcoming NFL season, and more. Stream the podcast by hitting play above.

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