Sports Betting Tips With Chris Sheridan Episode 13: NBA Christmas Game Odds

Episode 13 of the Sports Betting Tips podcast, featuring veteran NBA journalist Chris Sheridan and SiriusXM host Noah Coslov, is now available on all podcast platforms. In this episode, our hosts talk about the 2018 PGA Championship, 2019 Masters Odds, NBA Christmas day game odds, the next Jeopardy host and more. Listen to the full episode below.

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PGA Tour

The episode opens with golf talk, as Tiger Woods nearly took down Brooks Koepka at the PGA Championship over the weekend.

“It was wild,” Noah said. “I thought Tiger would have a top-20 finish, and that’s where I really like to do my golf betting — top-10, top-20 finishes … there’s just so much more excitement and money in the game when Tiger’s around.”

Chris echoed that Tiger’s success is good for the game.

“He made a heck of a charge yesterday, and he had people riveted watching, and it’s fantastic to see a guy come back because Tiger’s gone through a heck of a lot of stuff,” Chris said.

Our hosts also discussed odds on which player will win the most money on the PGA Tour this year. Two interesting options: Jason Day at 65-1 and Tiger at 100-1.

There are also already odds out, via BetDSI, for the 2019 Masters. Tiger is listed at 12-1 and Rory McIlroy is slated at 13-1. Keep an eye on Adam Scott, who has only 40-1 odds.

“Adam Scott always plays very strong,” Chris said.

Our hosts agree, though: Jordan Spieth is the safest bet.

“Even though Jordan Spieth is the favorite at +1000, I love Jordan Spieth at The Masters,” Noah said. “It’s boring, I know.”

NBA Christmas Day

The conversation shifts to the NBA Christmas day games. Both our hosts like the Bucks -5.5 to cover the spread and beat the Knicks.

“Bet against the Knicks as much as you can in the upcoming season because the Knicks are tanking,” Chris said. “They do have a chance to get two max-contract free agents next summer, and Kawhi Leonard will be on their radar … people who know basketball know this is just not going to be a good team.”

Our hosts also agree that Oklahoma City (+6) is a good bet against Houston. This matchup marks Carmelo Anthony’s opportunity to exact revenge against his former team.

“He’s just not the player he once was,” Chris said. “I saw him in Vegas, he’s in fantastic shape, but what his role will be (with Houston) remains to be seen.”

Our hosts also both like Boston (-4) against Philadelphia. But they’re split on Lakers/Warriors (GSW -10) and Blazers/Jazz (Utah -5).

Noah likes the Warriors and Blazers, whereas Chris favors Los Angeles and advises against betting on the final game of the day.

“You’re nuts, because I’m taking LeBron James, and I’m taking him on the money line,” Chris said.

Later in the episode, our hosts discuss the future of Jeopardy, as longtime host Alex Trebek indicated he may retire when his contract expires in 2019. Among those rumored to be in contention for the position: Drew Carey, Pat Sajak, and Vanna White.

Listen to the full episode by hitting play above, and be sure to subscribe on your podcast platform of choice.

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