Super Bowl 2019 Halftime Show Props: Which Maroon 5 song will be first?

When the biggest sporting event of the year heads into its break, it becomes time for the biggest music show of the year.

The Super Bowl halftime show is always one of the more extravagant events all year and this year the stage belongs to Maroon 5, along with Big Boi and Travis Scott. While many prop bets are focused on the game itself, the halftime show is no break for those wanting to wager.

One of the biggest questions around every halftime show is how will the performers begin the show?

Last year Justin Timberlake opened with the live debut of his song Filthy and the year before Lady Gaga began on top of the stadium and sang an American medley of God Bless America and This Land is Your Land before getting into her songs with Poker Face.

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So how will Maroon 5 begin the halftime show?

Moves Like Jagger +125

This Love +150

Sugar +300

She Will be Loved +300

What Lovers Do +500

Payphone +750

Sunday Morning +750

One More Night +1,000

Girls Like You +1,000

With a song like Moves Like Jagger at +125, there is another prop bet if Mick Jagger himself will join the band. If that’s the case, it won’t lead the show because a surprise guest would most likely be in the middle to the end of a set list.

She Will be Loved is another one that probably won’t leadoff because the song isn’t really a get out of your seat and jump around kind of song one might want to start a halftime show.

Sunday Morning at +750 is along the same lines as She Will be Loved, and Girls Like You at +1,000 is a longshot because of the same reasoning — it might not bring enough pop to be a kickoff song.

One More Night would probably be a good bet because it’s one that most people will know. It’s a fun song and upbeat, plus it’s called One More Night and there is only one more night left in the football season. At +1,000 that could be a nice bet.

Payphone is another song most of the fans would recognize so it could be a good starter for the band, and at +750 it could be a nice place to put your money as well.

Whatever song Maroon 5 picks to start things off, it’s sure to be an interesting show given the questions that came around when it announced they would be performing the show. Who knows what way Adam Levine and company will go.

Super Bowl 2019 Halftime Show Props: Which Maroon 5 song will be first?
Article Name
Super Bowl 2019 Halftime Show Props: Which Maroon 5 song will be first?
Super Bowl 2019 Halftime Show Props: Which Maroon 5 song will be first?

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