Survivor Recap — Double Elimination!

Ten are left on Survivor and who will be voted out tonight? It’s night 27 at Lavita and Domenick recaps what happened with Laurel spilling the beans on Desiree’s plan. He thanks Laurel for what she did at tribal council. Even though Laurel saved Kellyn, she says that she still doesn’t know if she wants to work with her. What?! Great loyalty.


On day 28  Domenick talks about the finishing line being in sight. He recommits to Wendell and reminds the audience that Donathan and Laurel are part of the group. Domenick says that he is also willing to turn on Wendell when the time is right. He owns an idol but decides to look for another. Well, what do you know! He found a coconut with an envelope on it. Domenick finds David’s authentic fake idol that he used to fool Jay in Survivor’s 33rd season, Millennials vs. Gen-X. But the idol hasn’t any power unless he fools another player. Domenick wonders if he should just put it back or target someone.

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Come on in guys!

Today’s immunity challenge, the survivors pull up on a bar to hold a ball in place. Release the pressure, the ball will drop and the survivor will be out. Jeff pulls out a second immunity necklace!

Two people will be safe! Two people will be voted out tonight at two separate tribal councils. They will divide the group into two temporary groups — orange and purple. Each person who wins out of the group wins immunity. Then the groups will go to tribal council and eliminate someone from each group. The last person who is left standing in the challenge out of everyone will have the right to go to tribal council last, so they have the right to know who was voted out of the other group. In addition, there’s no ghost island.

Orange: Michael, Laurel, Domenick, Wendall and Kellyn
Purple: Chelsea, Sebastian, Angela, Jenna and Donathan

Kellyn immediately drops just a minute into the competition. Michael drops next. Donathan is out. Laurel loses it. Sebastian gives up. Jenna drops. It’s Domenick and Wendall on one team and Chelsea and Angela on the other. Angela out of nowhere drops and Chelsea wins individual immunity but then drops. Domenick and Wendall are battling it out. Thirty minutes later they are still talking smack talk and Wendall slips but doesn’t fall. Domenick falls a little. Wendall drops out and Domenick wins individual immunity and goes to tribal council second.

No reward challenge. Michael realizes that he’s the bottom of the group of Wendall, Kellyn, Domenick and Laurel, who are in an alliance together (well, Kellyn isn’t in it).

Back at tribal, it’s time for chit-chat, scheming and planning. Michael is the target for his group. Michael asks Donathan if he can borrow Donathan’s idol to try and fool the group. No, says Donathan.

So he decides to lie and tell Kellyn that he has an idol. Kellyn tells Domenick that Michael has an idol and Domenick does what he can to tell Kellyn he’s lying. Kellyn tells Wendall and talks to him about who to sacrifice if Michael does have an idol. Kellyn wants Laurel out.  A reminder that Kellyn has an extra vote too and she is going to put it on Laurel.

In the other tribe, Donathan tells Jenna he’ll play the idol for her if she’s 100 percent with him right now. Um, dumb move. At tribal council, Jenna says “I’m ready, let’s vote.” Is she done and ready to go home? Not wants to fight? Jeff said it was the fewest questions he’s ever asked at a tribal because they seem ready to vote. Jenna votes for Donathan. Donathan plays his idol — FOR HIMSELF! Good going Donathan! Jenna gets enough votes to be voted out.

The next tribal council Domenick points out that Naviti has been in the majority all the time even with the luck of the draw. Laurel talks about her game being all about the read that the other people have on Michael and whether or not he has an idol. Domenick and Wendall chit chat behind everyone’s back, making last-minute decisions. Kellyn takes out her extra vote. it comes down to a tie between Michael and Laurel and it goes to another vote. Michael is voted out.

Here who’s left:

I’m going to stick to this list still, without Michael and Jenna.

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About Lisa Iannucci

Lisa Iannucci has been interviewing professional athletes and Olympians, sports writers and film/tv personalities for more than a decade. Her book, A Film & TV Lover's Travel Guide is now available:

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