Survivor Recap: Food Challenge Time!

In this week’s episode of Survivor, let us pause to respect the fact that Chris is no longer on the show. Without his “sua-vay” attitude, maybe other people can fit on the island now.

It’s night 22 and we’re at the Lavita tribe and Libby has no idea why her name has come up three trials in a row. Domenick talks about being a threat so he plays down what he did at tribal and talks about the respect that he has for Chris. He realizes that playing the advantage could paint a target on his back and he’s happy he still has a real idol.


Wendell talks about side conversations that are going on, but he wants to stick to the alliance of four that he made earlier with Laurel, Donathan and Domenick. Unfortunately, he thinks that Laurel is a little paranoid after the vote, so he shares Domenick’s idol information with her to keep her at ease. He tells Laurel that he has an idol too and it actually backfires a little because she feels that Wendell should’ve told her earlier. Her trusts her, but in her aside, she talks about making moves.

Come on in guys! It’s reward challenge time. Two teams of six race across a floating bridge to launch sandbags at a target. Knock down all of the targets and the winning team will enjoy tacos, margaritas, burritos and more. Team one (orange) is made up of Kellyn, Jenna, Domenick, Sebastian, Desiree and Michael while team two (purple) is Angela, Laurel, Libby, Chelsea, Wendell and Donathan.

Both Wendell and Domenick hit the targets out of the gate. Laurel hits her target for a 2-1 lead. Michael ties it up at two. Once everybody shoots at the target at least once, anybody can shoot. Wendell hits again for purple for a 3-1 lead. Both Domenick and Wendell hit their targets again and it’s a 4-2 game. Michael hits a target for orange and it’s now a 4-3 game. Wendell heads back to the slingshot and is once again going against Domenick. Wendell hits his target and purple wins reward!

Purple decides to draw rocks for Ghost Island and Jenna is the one who gets the white rock. At Ghost Island, Jenna doesn’t get to play a game and feels defeated because conversations will be happening at camp that she’s not privy too.

At taco night, Libby asks what she’s doing wrong that her name gets written down. She was told it probably had something to do with her alliance with Michael, so Libby realizes that she needs to make a move somehow.

Back at the island, Michael talks about getting Wendell out and breaking up the power ‘couple’ of Domenick and Wendell. Angela talks about going to war, leaving all the bodies around and being proud of doing that. Angela tells Wendell that Micheal is throwing Wendell’s name under the bus. It’s time to pit survivor against survivor.

Come on in guys! It’s individual immunity time and it’s food eating competition time! I don’t even have the stomach to watch. LOL

First up, a fish eye. First three people to get both eyes down moves on. Michael, Desiree and Laurel make the cut out of the first group, leaving Donathan, Libby and Jenna out of the race. In the next group of Sebastian, Wendell, Chelsea, Angela, Kellyn and Domenick, the winners are Sebastian, Angela and Domenick. Wendell didn’t even try. In the next round, it’s the beetle larvae. Michael, Sebastian and Angela rock that competition super fast. In the next round, the contestants must eat the asawa sea slug and Angela literally swallows the first one hole. After she realizes that she can’t do the same with the second, she tears it apart. In the meantime, Michael finishes first and Sebastian struggles, leaving room for Angela to take second.

The final showdown is between Michael and Angela to eat mother of pearl for immunity. Angela does a funny dance while she eats, but she is a beast. Michael starts gagging and Angela takes individual immunity. Michael goes back after the competition to finish the last piece just for his own pride.

Angela, who said she had a plan to stir the pot, thinks it’s an easy vote to get Michael out. The group decides to split the vote of five for Michael and four for Libby. Donathan talks about another Malolo going home if he votes their way. Domenick tells Libby that she needs to vote for Michael. Donathan tries talking to Libby about staying Malolo strong. Going into tribal, Wendell has an idol and he doesn’t want the curse to continue. He’s hoping to not play his idol.

It’s Tribal Council time and it will be interesting to see if the game changes now and if Malolo decides to stay together. Everyone talks about making big moves at tribal, but will they all stick to the original plan or blindside someone? When it comes time to vote, Michael plays his stick, er, the idol.

Michael gets most of the votes but Wendell and Libby get votes too. The ninth person voted out is Libby.

So who’s left on Survivor and in what order are they my faves to win?


Until next time!

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Lisa Iannucci has been interviewing professional athletes and Olympians, sports writers and film/tv personalities for more than a decade. Her book, A Film & TV Lover's Travel Guide is now available:

About Lisa Iannucci

Lisa Iannucci has been interviewing professional athletes and Olympians, sports writers and film/tv personalities for more than a decade. Her book, A Film & TV Lover's Travel Guide is now available:

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