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Survivor Ghost Island, Episode 4 – Updated Betting Odds

Survivor Ghost Island episode 4 airs Wednesday, March 14 at 8:00 PM Eastern time.
On Episode 3, Morgan Ricke got the boot, which was not a huge surprise. She was a 25-1 long shot to win the entire competition at the outset. However, at some online betting shops, Ricke was a 5-1 favorite, along with Chelsea Townsend, in the ‘Next To Be Pixelated Due to Nudity’ prop bet, so her absence will amend the odds on that prop significantly.

If you’re trying to figure out who will be next to get the axe, there are some factors to discard.  Early season screen time was previously thought of as an indicator,  in that if a contestant wasn’t interesting enough, the editors would minimize their exposure, and dispose of them early.


However, there have been several recent reality show winners that made that conspiracy theory moot. Marissa Winokur on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, Josh Martinez winning ‘Big Brother’ Season 19, and Michelle Tribble on the recently completed ‘Hell’s Kitchen’. All three were “barely noticeable’ in the early going but managed to hang around every week while the more visible contestants eliminated each other.

On the other side of the argument, there have also been several obvious winners who capture the camera and fend off competitors week after week.  Jordan Fisher took over ‘Dancing With The Stars’ early on while Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf were clear-cut favorites at the outset in the latest season of ‘The Amazing Race’.  So as you can see,  you can’t eliminate a contestant just because they fly under the radar in the first few episodes.

Favorite Contestants

Brendan Shapiro, who is a 41 year old PE teacher, is now the favorite to win Survivor: Ghost Island’ at odds of +400, according to BetDSI sports book.  Brendan was bummed and annoyed because he’s down four-five in terms of original tribes with all the original Naviti members complaining, on last weeks episode 3. Stephanie Johnson who is a 34 year old Yoga Instructor, seems to be universally listed as the second favorite to win now with odds of +450.    Michael Yerger (18, Real Estate Agent), Kellyn Bechtold (31, Career Counselor) , and Wendell Holland (33, Furniture Company Owner)  are not far behind in the betting odds at  7-1, 8-1, and 9-1 respectively.  All the other remaining contestants are at double digit odds to win, so there’s lots of money to be made if your preferred survivor wins.

Contestant Betting Odds coourtesy of

Brendan Shapiro (41, PE Teacher) +400
Stephanie Johnson (34, Yoga Instructor) +450
Michael Yerger (18, Real Estate Agent) +700
Kellyn Bechtold (31, Career Counselor) +800
Wendell Holland (33, Furniture Company Owner) +900
Libby Vincek (24, Social Media Strategist) +1000
Jenna Bowman (23, Advertising Account Executive) +1250
Angela Perkins (42, Army Veteran) +1300
Sebastian Noel (22, Fishing Guide) +1500
Domenick Abbate (38, Construction Supervisor) +1750
Laurel Johnson (29, Financial Consultant) +2000
Donathan Hurley (26, Caretaker) +2500
Bradley Kleihege (26, Law Student) +3000
Chris Noble (27, Male Model) +3500
Desiree Afuye (21, Student) +4750
Chelsea Townsend (24, EMT/Pro Cheerleader) +7500
James Lim (24, Business Analyst) +7500

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