Survivor Ghost Island – Episode 8 Recap, Who will be eliminated in Ep 9 - Betting Odds
Survivor Ghost Island – Episode 8 Recap, Who will be eliminated in Ep 9 - Betting Odds

Survivor Ghost Island – Episode 8 Recap, Who will be eliminated in Episode 9 – Betting Odds

Survivor: Ghost Island episode 9 airs Wednesday, April 18 at 8:00 PM Eastern time.

Survivor Ghost Island is sailing along and this week one of the main events in the series occurred.  For you long time survivor fans, you know what the merge is.  For new viewers, the merge occurs as the quantity of contestants gets reduced to a number where it is more practical for all the players to be grouped together instead of in tribes.  In betting terms, the oddsmakers are still going with the same favorites, as Laurel Johnson is still the top pick to win Survivor Ghost Island at odds just over  3-1.    Michael Yerger is holding his postion at 4½ to 1, with Kellyn Bechtold rising a little to 5-1, and Wendell Hollandis at  6-1 betting odds.



Betting Odds courtesy of

Laurel Johnson +325|
Michael Yerger +450
Kellyn Bechtold +500
Wendell Holland +600
Domenick Abbate +1000
Angela Perkins +1200
Jenna Bowman +1300
Libby Vincek +1500
Desiree Afuye +2000
Donathan Hurley +2500
Chris Noble +2500
Sebastian Noel +5000
Chelsea Townsend +5000


This week’s episode 8 began with the merge, where all three tribes consisting of the 13 contestants came together to celebrate the merge with a much needed feast.  As soon as the celebration was over however, it was back to the normal scheming with both Dominick and Chris trying to figure out how to eliminate each other.

Chris gets an opportunity to sneak out to Ghost Island for a chance at an immunity idol, and he gets one, but with a twist.  With this idol in his possession, Chris’s confidence gets raised through the roof, which could be a recipe for disaster, on top of his ego.

The original Naviti tribe members try to choose a collective enemy to eliminate.  All the other survivors work on strategies between themselves to eliminate another contestant.  Chris, Dominick, Libby, and Michael, seem to be the most likely to get voted out, as the contestants have more fear of the strongest and most powerful in the group. This helps the more benign characters to fall out of focus for elimination.

This episode also brings us the first Individual Immunity Challenge, that will grant immunity to one contestant.  The challenge requires the participants to balance themselves on a beam, while also balancing an idol on the end of a pole.  Contestants drop out one by one until just three women remain.  Finally only Kellen is left standing, and she wins the immunity for this episode.

After the challenge, contestants strategize in groups and between themselves on who to eliminate next, who can be trusted, and who will make the best alliances.  Dominick and Wendell, the oddsmakers favorites plot against longtime rival Chris, while Chris leads a group to talk anti-Dominick strategies.  As the war between Chris and Dominick heats up, many of the others have a feeling of safety, that they are not in jeopardy as long as the Chris – Dominick war rages on.

In a fascinating Tribal Council with all 13 participants, an astounding turn, what was previously secret and discrete conversations come out in the open.  The private conversations regarding loyalty and allegiances turn public and only Kellen remains completely safe, having won the Immunity Challenge.

The verdict?………..  It finally happens……..7 votes Chris, 2 votes Libby,
Chris is eliminated via a blindside, and with an Immunity Idol in his pocket, a move anybody could have seem coming.


Favorite Contestants

With the merge, player strategy jumped back to teaming up, and 1 on 1 relationships, took a step back.  The survivors continue to look at who they can trust to team up with.   Once again, the lookers remain, with the exception of male model Chris Noble.  Michael Yerger, still at odds of just 4-1 to win, tough guy Domenick Abbate at 6-1 odds,  and  blonde Libby Vincek, now at 15-1 odds to win..  Chris was listed as a long shot at 25-1 odds to win, so the oddmakers had a pretty good handle on his fate.


Survivor Ghost Island Odds

If your not betting on this show, you could be losing out on a lot of potential money.  Several contestants have a great chance, and remain huge longshots to win, at odds of 50-1 and 25-1,.  So even a $10 bet, could net you a cool $500 or more.   With contestants still  at double digit odds to win Survivior Ghost Island, now is the time to make your bet at


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