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Survivor Ghost Island – Episode 9 Recap, Every Man for himself | Ep 10 Eliminations | Betting Odds
Survivor Ghost Island – Episode 9 Recap, Every Man for himself | Ep 10 Eliminations | Betting Odds

Survivor Ghost Island – Episode 9 Recap, Every Man for Himself | Episode 10 Elimination | Betting Odds

Survivor: Ghost Island episode 10 airs Wednesday, April 25 at 8:00 PM Eastern time.

If you’ve been watching Survivor Ghost Island from the beginning, this week you noticed a shift in the strategies of the contestants.  With only 11 Survivors left, it is every man for himself.  In betting terms, there were some big shifts. Laurel Johnson the top pick to win Survivor Ghost Island now at odds of just 1½ to 1.   Michael Yerger, has dropped like a rock in the odds from 4-1 to 30-1, after he was unanimously voted out this week, with 7 of the 11 votes against him , but he was able to save himself, with the stealthy use of an Immunity Idol.  Angela Perkins is at 12-1 odds and should be moving up after  a display of her cunning psychological moves, and winning the Immunity challenge, both by using the skills of her military background.  Another huge move is Wendell Holland  down to +35-1 odds as his elimination was being planned by some contestants as well, and he received 1 elimination vote.

Survivor Ghost Island Odds To Win

Laurel Johnson +150

Jenna Bowman +320

Domenick Abbate +550

Angela Perkins +750

Kellyn Bechtold +1100

Donathan Hurley +1200

Desiree Afuye +1800

Sebastian Noel +2200

Michael Yerger +3000

Wendell Holland +3500

Chelsea Townsend +5000

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Episode 9 Recap

This week’s episode 9 was all about each contestants scheming.  Dominick was feeling some relief with Chris gone, but realized he needs to take a step back from the spotlight to get the other contestants focus off him.  Wendell and favorite Laurel, who’s right hand confidant is Donovan, made a pact, but when Wendell revealed that he has been secretly stashing an Immunity Idol, her trust waivers.  The contestants were divided in two groups of six for a strenuous Reward Challenge, of hitting targets with a giant slingshot, that gave the winners a Mexican feast.  Wendell was the most successful contestant in the challenge, and ended up helping his “purple” team to ace it.  The other, team “orange” ended up having to send one of their own, Jenna to Ghost Island.  As the contestants pondered their future Michael hit the nail on the head for the episode, stating that it is now “every man for himself.” Angela brought the girls together with some military psychology, and then brought in Wendell with a plan to eliminate Michael, and it seemed that Michael would be eliminated almost unanimously.

Immunity Challenge

The weeks Immunity Challenge was the classic eating of the most disgusting things they can dream up.  And this week it was fish eyes, live beetle larvae, sea slugs, and finally raw mother of pearl meat. Angela once again used her military psychological training to overcome and conquer the challenge, and win the immunity.  During deliberations, Laurel questioned her alliances, Dominick his, and it seemed as if Libby would be safe, but nobody expected Michael to use an Immunity Idol.   Strategies were getting more individual with each person trying to save themselves and original alliances falling apart.  There was definitely a psychological tug of war within each contestant between the best strategy for the future vs the best strategy for the moment.

Tribal Council

In the Tribal Council the contestants voted, and before the reading of the results, Michael decided in a last minute move to smartly play his Immunity Idol, which no one expected.  The result, 7 votes to oust Michael, 3 votes Libby, and 1 vote Wendell, so Libby is not a Survivor anymore.  Next week will definitely be interesting to see where the alliances go, as Michael received 7 votes to be eliminated, but saved himself.

Favorite Contestants  To Win

Laurel Johnson +150

Jenna Bowman +320

Domenick Abbate +550

Angela Perkins +750

All the other contestants are at double digit odds to Win Survivor Ghost Island

Survivor Ghost Island Betting

If your not betting on this show, you could be losing out on a lot of potential money.  Several contestants have a great chance, and remain huge longshots to win, at odds of 50-1 and 35-1,.  So even a $10 bet, could net you a cool $500 or more.   With contestants still  at double digit odds to win Survivior Ghost Island, now is the time to make your bet at

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