Chelsea Townsend, Angela Perkins, Chris Noble, Sebastian Noel, Desiree Afuye, Bradley Kleihege, and Kellyn Bechtold during 'Survivor: Ghost Island.' (Michele Crowe/CBS)

Survivor Recap: It’s Merge Time!

It’s Day 20 and 13 contestants are left on this week’s Survivor and that means it’s one opportunity for Dominick to use the Legacy Advantage that he was gifted by Morgan.

The show opens with the Survivors heading by boat to one island — it’s MERGE TIME! The Survivors start chowing down at the celebration feast. Of course, this jovial attitude is short-lived. Dominick talks about the alliances that he has already built, from his four-person alliance with Donathan, Wendell and Laurel. In addition, he can stick to Naviti originals and have the majority, but he’s concerned about Chris.

Chris plays with his buff and realizes that he has an advantage that reads, “Shhh, a secret awaits at treemail.” Ah great. He finds a clue to the hidden immunity idol which is said to have possibly more than one power. The catch? It’s at Ghost Island and he must sneak off in a boat when everyone is sleeping tonight. He risks getting caught, but decides to go for the idol.

Donathan, Wendell, Laurel and  Domenick start talking about getting out Michael or Libby. Wendell even has Chris and Domenick work together to solve their differences so they can go farther now and “kill each other later.” OMG, Chris says he’s too swah-vay (trying to pronounce suave) to fall for what Wendell is serving.

Chris sneaks off to Ghost Island where he is given J.T.’s Hidden Immunity Idol from Survivor Game Changers in 2017. J.T. left it back at camp when he went to Tribal Council and was blindsided and voted out. Chris finds out that he must use the immunity idol at the next Tribal Council, but if he decides to wager his next vote, he can increase the idol’s power. Each time he picks the right bamboo he can extend the life of the immunity idol, for up to five times or until he loses his vote. Chris decides to play the bamboo game. He gets the first bamboo right and extends his Idol for two Tribal Council. The next time, Chris loses his opportunity to vote, but he has an Idol for two Tribal Councils. Let’s see how this plays out.

Back at Lavita, it’s Day 21 and Chris is exhausted, but the Survivors don’t know why. Domenick has a fake idol, a real idol and an immunity challenge, so this week it’s going to see whose power is bigger. Jenna and Libby talk to Domenick and Domenick thinks that they want Chris out too, but when he leaves, they talk about which one is actually the bigger threat to get out.

Come on in guys! It’s time for the first individual tribal immunity!

They have to stand on a narrow beam holding a pole with a statue on the end over their heads. Wow. My arms hurt just looking at that challenge. I don’t think it will take long for this challenge to be over. Jenna is first out. Donathan drops next. Desiree not helped by the wind and she drops next, followed by Angela. Five minutes elapse, shockingly, and the survivors move down the beam for the next challenge. Next to drop is Sebastian, while a bee almost costs Domenick his pole. Twenty minutes go by — wow they proved me wrong — and the survivors must move to the absolute last of the beam. Domenick loses immunity during the transition and so does Michael. Yes! Chris didn’t make it either. Laurel drops as well and Wendell drops too. Kellyn, Chelsea and Libby are the last standing while the wind picks up. Chelsea drops and the winner of the first individual immunity is … Kellyn!

We’re heading to Tribal Council, but beforehand Chris takes everyone except Wendell and Domenick to water. He wants to flush the idol, so he thinks that if Domenick doesn’t play it, he goes home. If he does play it, Wendell goes home. Let’s not forget that Michael has an idol too.

Of course, Wendell and Domenick hope that they can convince everyone to turn and Laurel and Donathan are on board. however, Desiree, Chelsea, and Kellyn are trying to get Libby out. So, from the looks of it, nobody is on board with Chris.

Chris talks about being uncertain that everyone is on board — you’re right Chris, but that could just be good editing.

Time to tally the votes! Dom plays his legacy advantage. Nobody else plays an idol. Two votes Chris, Two votes for Libby. Chris gets another vote and another for four votes. Five votes for Chris. Six votes for Chris. The eighth person voted off the island is Chris and he could’ve used his idol!

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About Lisa Iannucci

Lisa Iannucci has been interviewing professional athletes and Olympians, sports writers and film/tv personalities for more than a decade. Her book, A Film & TV Lover's Travel Guide is now available:

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