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Top Posts From Ian Rapoport, Daniel Jeremiah and More

Today’s the deadline for a 2019 Russell Wilson extension, the Kyler Murray saga continues, players react to Tiger Woods and more from today in the NFL. The clock is ticking for Russell Wilson and the Seahawks Ian Rapoport gives an update on the negotiations. Nothing is imminent, but both sides appear to be hard at work. Today is the deadline …

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2018 NFL Odds: Atlanta Falcons Season Win Total

Atlanta Falcons NFL Win Totals

I picked the Atlanta Falcons to suffer the great grandmother twice removed of all Super Bowl hangovers last season and for a while it seemed like they were heading right to the porcelain alter to pass out next to a plunger and toilet brush. But a funny thing happened around midseason. The Falcons took a couple of Advil, drank some pickle juice, ate a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and pulled themselves out of it. 

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