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Sheridan: Where Will Kyrie Irving Play Next? Hedge Your Bets

In Boston, it is taken as gospel that Kyrie Irving will be returning to the Celtics for the next five years under a supermax $188 million extension. In other parts of the NBA universe, the world isn’t quite that round. Kyrie and anyone who follows him on Instagram will get that joke. For the uninformed, Irving went on a podcast …

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Sheridan: Westbrook Status Shifts NBA Opening Night Focus to Sixers-Celtics

Russell Westbrook is being called “out” for tonight’s season-opener against the Golden State Warriors, which is a blessing in disguise for those on the East Coast who need their sleep. For those in the wagering world, it has kicked the focus to the early game: Boston-Philadelphia. Last spring, the Celtics caused matchup nightmares for the Sixers in the second round …

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Sheridan: All in all, Philadelphia as Landing Zone for Pau Gasol makes sense

Pau Gasol is currently under contract with the San Antonio Spurs. If what I am hearing comes to fruition, that contract will be relocated to Philadelphia and the 7-foot Spaniard will be teaming up with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons next season. When you are having simultaneous conversations with people all around the world and not a single person is …

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Kyrie Irving’s Injury In 2015 Playoffs Reportedly Annoyed LeBron ‘To No End’

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State recently accomplished something that had never been done before: they met for the fourth straight year in the NBA Finals. Pretty amazing when you think about it. In the first of those four years, 2015, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving were sidelined for most of the Finals. Miraculously — on the back of a …

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Kyrie Irving Already Fed Up With Questions About His Future In Boston

The NBA has blossomed into a 24-7, 365 sport. Fans simply can’t get enough. The Finals just ended last week and offseason chatter is already saturating the internet. Rumors are everywhere. One of the players whose name has repeatedly popped up in these discussions: Kyrie Irving. The standout point guard and former No. 1 overall pick, whom the Boston Celtics …

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Celtics Lose Key Bench Forward Daniel Theis For Remainder Of Season

Daniel Theis, who played eight years of international basketball, has been a pleasant surprise in his first NBA season. The 25-year-old Celtics big man has been a regular rotation guy for Brad Stevens. Theis, who went undrafted in 2013, is playing 14.9 minutes per night and averaging 5.3 points and 4.3 rebounds per game. The Celtics, however, will not have …

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