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NFL Props: Which team will Nick Foles play for next year?

Now that Philadelphia’s season is over, speculation over Nick Foles’ future can resume. Foles returned to the Eagles after winning Super Bowl MVP a year ago, but it wouldn’t be feasible for the Eagles to keep him in 2019 barring a major shakeup. So which team will Foles join? Let’s take a look at the odds and determine the best …

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Exactly How Many of DT’s Relatives are in Prison?

Seriously. I want to know. It seems like every year Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas is celebrating the release of a relative from the hoosegow. And these aren’t little prison sentences and they aren’t just wrapping up on their own. So far none other than President Barack Obama himself has commuted the prison sentence of Thomas’ mother and, on …

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Cowboys Already Banged Up

“Some time” is a phrase that normally doesn’t seem that ominous, but when the Dallas Cowboys used it Wednesday to describe how long first-round pick Ezekiel Elliott would be out with a hamstring injury, it seemed to come with it’s own ominous soundtrack. Cowboys' RB Ezekiel Elliott will miss “some time” with a hamstring injury. pic.twitter.com/PtGv2ZO66i — NFL Network (@nflnetwork) …

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Rams Set Nick Foles Free

There was a chance, ever slight, that quarterback Nick Foles would attend the Los Angeles Rams’ training camp in order to practice and perform well enough to set up a trade. On Wednesday, Foles decided that’s not what he wanted to do. Foles officially asked the Rams to grant him his release and they did so, making him an unrestricted …

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