The Gronkcast: Inside the NFL Episode 25

It’s Thursday afternoon and I don’t have to tell you that means it’s time for the Gronkcast with the Chris and Glenn Gronkowski. Each week the Gronk brothers, both former NFL players, deliver their picks, views on the hot topics from the league and their own unique perspective from their time playing the game with the occasional pop in from a special guest or two. It’s all exclusive to Get More Sports.

So go ahead and relax, pop in your airpods, earbuds or aluminum can tied to a string, pour your favorite beverage into your IceShaker and get the latest Gronkcast.

In this episode, Chris and Glenn go over their picks from NFL Championship Sunday and discuss what went down in the games. They’ll also dive into some of their favorite Super Bowl prop bets.

Both guys were on hand for their brother Rob Gronkowski’s team, the New England Patriots, as the Pats got a victory over the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium in the AFC Championship. They both noticed something missing from the normal atmosphere at Arrowhead.

“Everybody talked all week about how loud the fans were going to be,” Chris said. “I was there at the last game when Kansas City played New England in Kansas City and I was scared. I thought it was going to be super loud. I couldn’t even talk to my dad who was standing next to me. You know what? They did not bring the intensity and the loudness that they did last time.”

Glenn was last in Kansas City as a member of the Buffalo Bills. It was just different in KC last Sunday.

“I agree with you,” Glenn said. “I didn’t really notice that hype that everyone was talking about, it being the loudest stadium in the world. So, I agree completely. I could hear you. We were sitting right next to you and I didn’t have any problem hearing your at all. I don’t think that played a huge factor in the game and I think it showed.”

They roll on to discuss the game, and especially the action in the second half. It was one of the best games of the season, but ended in overtime with only New England getting to possess the ball on offense. That naturally leads to a conversation about the NFL’s overtime rules.

Since it was the late game, they missed the Los Angeles Rams vs. New Orleans Saints and the missed pass interference call that likely would have changed the outcome of the game. Chris feels there’s got to be a change outside of the instant replay system.

Glenn rolled through championship weekend undefeated with his Bulletproof Picks. Chris wasn’t so lucky.

Before the show wraps up, Chris and Glenn go through the available prop bets and pick out their favorite and most outrageous selections out of the available prop bracket. There’s always a ton of bets to make and some are good for comedic value alone.

From there, they finish up with the fan question of the week and set the stage for Super Bowl week.

The Gronkcast: Inside the NFL Episode 25
Article Name
The Gronkcast: Inside the NFL Episode 25
The Gronkcast: Inside the NFL Episode 25

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