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The NCAA and California are Set to Square Off, Pinkel Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Last month, California passed a bill allowing student athletes to make money off their names and likenesses. The bill received overwhelming support in the California State Senate, and it is scheduled to be implemented by 2023 provided it becomes law. This directly challenges the NCAA and the collegiate sports’ monolith is ready to fight to retain its air-tight grip on who can make money from collegiate athletics.

The NCAA continues to assert that the organization and its schools are the only entities that can make money off of its athletics programs. President Mark Emmert sent letters to the chairs of two State Assembly committees in response to the legislation, subtly threatening that California schools could be barred from participating in NCAA Championships if the measure is passed into law.

Former Missouri Tigers head coach Gary Pinkel revealed that he has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma for a second time on Sunday. He first contracted the disease in 2015, and he retired from coaching at the end of the season to fight it. Pinkel stated that his cancer came out of remission last month, and he is undergoing treatment once more.

Jalen Hurts is continuing a remarkable legacy at Oklahoma. He is the third straight transfer student to quarterback the Sooners, and he is following in some large footsteps. Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray each won the Heisman Trophy and were selected No. 1 in the NFL Draft the following season. Unlike the other two quarterbacks, Hurts was not in a pass-first offense while at the University of Alabama, but he comes to Norman with far more seasoning than either Mayfield or Murray.

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