Sports Betting Podcasts
Sports Betting Podcasts

The Top 5 Sports Betting Podcasts

If your looking to bet on football games, get football predictions, NFL betting tips, football betting tips, or get NFL odds, is going to give you a huge advantage, and some free money with our Top 5 Sports Betting Podcasts, and our free cash deposit bonuses at

Sports bettors are always looking for the edge.  Inside information and advice that will help better your odds against the sportsbooks and linesmakers, and put more cash in your pocket.  Bettors that rely on these inside tips and information do much better than the general betting public on their wagers, and they are known as “Sharp Bettors.”  They use the best sports betting podcasts by insiders and sports professionals to get their edge, and you can get that advantage too, for free, just by dedicating 30-40 minutes to listen to the experts. has put together the top sports betting podcasts from insiders from the NFL, NBA, PGA, UFC, ESPN, The Associated Press, and more, so give a listen to your favorite sports podcast below to win more of your sports bets.


These Top 5 Sports Betting Podcasts are by industry insiders, athletes, journalists, trainers, and number crunchers with years of experience in their fields, and the most intimate of inside contacts to reveal hidden sports betting tips.


How We Pick The Top Sports Betting Podcasts:

NFL Podcasts, NBA Podcasts, PGA Podcasts, MMA-UFC Podcasts, College Football Podcasts, NCAA Podcasts, and more.

You’ll learn what goes on inside an NFL locker room and in the players heads to give you a betting advantage on your NFL betting picks.  And you’ll get it straight from former NFL players fresh out of the league.

You’ll hear the gossip and secret NBA betting tips from NBA insiders who sit down for dinner with the top NBA players and coaches and rub elbows with the likes of LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony, Lonzo Ball and more.

Our PGA Golf Podcast pick is quickly approaching it’s 100th episode, and you’ll be getting  pga golf betting picks from a former PGA Tour player with intimate knowledge of every golf course, hole, green, conditions, and players, including the top PGA players for 2018.

Our MMA Fighting and UFC Betting Podcast selection is by a former pro MMA fighter and trainer who gives analysis, fight previews, and fight recaps with astounding insight.  You’ll know which fighters to bet on and who to stay away from, with astute blow by blow detail  and an incredible eye for summing up fighters, techniques, and future UFC winners.


The Top 5 Sports Betting Podcasts:


THE BEST NFL PODCAST:  The GronkCast     

Former NFL players Glenn and Chris Gronkowski give listeners an exclusive and lively look inside the NFL, what it’s like as a player, and what things can influence the outcome of a game.  The Gronks give you their bulletproof NFL betting picks every week, along with any special NFL prop bets that look inviting.  These guys have lived the NFL from the inside, and are currently living it as their brother Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots is still as one of the most talented players in the NFL.  This podcast is not only the most entertaining football podcast out there, but it is chock full of insider betting tips that only former players can give.  Also don’t miss a special signup bonus if you use the Gronkcast’s promotional code to signup at sportsbook.

The Gronkcast Episodes:

Link:    The Gronkcast: Episode 10:  Inside the NFL Episode 10 featuring Mama G and Rob Gronkowski

Link:   The GronkCast: Episode 9:  Inside The NFL: Featuring Rob Gronkowski’s bodyguard Bobby Goons

Link:   The GronkCast: Episode 8:  Inside The NFL: Inside A Players Life in the NFL

Link:   The GronkCast: Episode 7:  Inside The NFL: An Interview with WWE superstar Mojo Rawley

Link:   The GronkCast: Episode 6:  Inside The NFL: NFL Week 2, BulletProof Picks, NFL Head Coaches

Link:   The GronkCast: Episode 5:  Inside The NFL: A Day In The Life of An NFL Player, NFL Week 1

Link:   The GronkCast: Episode 4:  Inside The NFL: NFL Betting Strategies,  The Best NFL Prop Bets

Link:   The GronkCast: Episode 3:  Inside The NFL: What It’s Like To Be A Rookie In The NFL

Link:   The GronkCast: Episode 2:  Inside The NFL: Who Is The Best Gronkowski, The Fastest, Etc! , plus Bulletproof NFL Preseason Picks

Link:   The GronkCast: Episode 1:  Inside The NFL:  Launch of the most entertaining NFL podcast by the NFL’s Gronkowski brothers.


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