Trotz explains why he won’t be a coach in the upcoming season

Barry Trotz has said that he will not be an NHL coach in the upcoming season because he is unable to devote the time and effort necessary to perform any job to his standards. In an exclusive interview, the 59-year-old said that after being let go by the New York Islanders on May 9, he toiled long and hard over whether to accept another position in the League. He came to the conclusion that it was time to prioritize his family and his own needs.

According to Trotz, “I have certain things individually and family-wise that I have to take care of. I didn’t feel… if I’d said I’ll take the job, I believe I would have done any organization a little bit of a disservice and myself a favor because being an NHL coach is tough and needs your all,” the coach stated. “It just does; psychologically, emotionally, and physically. I was unable to continue down that road.” The career record of Trotz is 914-670-168. He has 1,812 regular-season games with 60 ties.

Written by Eren Kilic

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