Two-game ban for UNC baseball coach is deemed ‘excessive,’ according to the university’s athletic director

While the Tar Heels played an elimination game in the NCAA baseball tournament Chapel Hill regional on Sunday, UNC baseball coach Scott Forbes’ jersey was placed in the dugout. Forbes was not in attendance, since he was ejected from Carolina’s defeat to VCU on Saturday after fighting passionately with umpires, and the NCAA later punished him for two games.On Sunday, the Tar Heels were facing Georgia, on the verge of being eliminated, with no head coach and a complicated explanation as to why. Bubba Cunningham, the UNC athletic director, expressed his displeasure with the punishment on Twitter on Saturday night.

Cunningham began by stating that the infield fly rule is up to judgment, although he disagreed with the suspension’s duration. Cunningham proposed a two-game penalty for the head coach who said the call was unreasonable. “Having our head baseball coach’s punishment for two games confirmed by the NCAA is tremendously frustrating.” The team does not intend to challenge the ruling, notwithstanding this remark. Forbes will be unable to contact the players or even visit the stadium as a result of the suspension.


Written by Brook Smith

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