UFC 224 Amanda Nunes vs Raquel Pennington Fight Recap Review by Hollywood Joe Tussing

The main event on the UFC 224 Amanda Nunes vs Raquel Pennington just wrapped up in what was another dominant performance by Amanda Nunes.  Raquel Pennington made it half way through the fifth round before succumbing to a devastated nose, turning over and tapping to strikes by Amanda Nunes.  Another dominant performance by the lionesse.

Round 1

In the first round Amanda Nunes put in a low kick clinic, chewing up the front leg of Raquel Pennington the entire round.  By the second round Raquel Pennington’s leg was covered in welts from the knee down

Round 2

In the second round Pennington actually got a take down, did a little bit of ground and pound and started to look like she could turn the tide of the fight.  However Amanda Nunes pushed her off, got back to her feet and started to stalk Pennington again.

Round 3

In the third round Amanda Nunes really started to break away from Pennington pushing her against the cage, keeping her on her back foot ,and opening up with combos.  She was really doing a lot of damage to Pennington’s front leg and throwing a lot of 1-2’s that Pennington really could not counter.

Round 4

In the fourth round Pennington just really didn’t look like she would make it all the way through the round.  I think it was very surprising that she made it to the fifth round at all.  She was on her back but Amanda Nunes just did not do enough to get the ref to stop the fight.  She was not able to pass guard and was not effective with the ground and pound, so the fourth round ended with Amanda Nunes pushing Pennington up against the cage and unloading with 1-2’s, low kicks, and working the clinch a bit, just really breaking Raquel Pennington down.

Round 5

Before the fifth round Raquel Pennington went back to her corner and she actually said that she was done.  I don’t think she meant she wanted to quit, I think she was just saying she was so tired she just didn’t have anything left.  The corner gave her some inspirational words and she stuck it out, but the fight could have easily been stopped after the fourth round.  In  the fifth round Nunes stalked Pennington a bit and really started to work the clinch with her knees.  She split Pennington’s forehead open and then dropped her and she was able to land a beautiful forearm elbow and it looked like that is what broke Raquel Pennington’s nose wide open with her gushing blood.  Pennington turned over, and after a few strikes from Nunes the ref steps in to stop the fight.


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This was just an extremely dominant performance from Amanda Nunes and I really hope we get to see Amanda Nunes vs Chris Cyborg next.  That is really the only fight that makes sense in the women’s divisions right now, and no one is calling out Cyborg except Nunes.


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