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Video Game News: Madden 17 Cover, Rocket League Update

Psyonix Adds Pots-Game Spotlights to Rocket League
After every Rocket League match, there is a screen that shows some of your stats for the match: points, goals, assists, saves, and shots. Throughout the game, however, there are several other actions that the player gets awarded points for. This includes centering the ball, getting an aerial/bicycle/backwards hit on the ball, demolishing (blowing up) an opposing player, and so much more. The newest update to Rocket League will acknowledge players after each match for their actions on the field, court, ice, etc..

After each match, there will now be a “Post-Game Spotlights” screen, where each player on the winning team will be able to spin, jump, and flip with their cars. Underneath their cars will be monikers that players earn depending on their actions.

Psyonix has posted some of the monikers on their website:

  • Aggressor – Most First Touches

  • Benchwarmer – Fewest Ball Hits

  • Prodigy – Score 3 or more goals

  • Speed Demon – Most Boost Pickups

  • Traitor – Score an own goal

  • Warden – Make 3 or more saves

Along with the Post-Game Spotlight, Psyonix is also focused on expanding the quick chat options. Along with manually typing out what you want to say in the chat, there have been 16 quick chat options that players can submit with only two button presses for ease while playing. This would include options like “Nice shot!,” “What a Save!,” “Sorry!,” and more. Now Psyonix plans on making these 16 options customizable in the main menu.

Along with customizing the quick chat options while playing a match, there are now quick chat options for dialogue on the post-game screen. The post-game options include:

  • Everybody dance!

  • gg

  • Nice moves.

  • One. More. Game.

  • Rematch!

  • That was fun!

  • Well played.

  • What a Game!

The new update for Rocket League will be released in June for all platforms (PS4, Xbox One, and PC). Everybody dance!

Season Score 2.0 Heading to Madden Mobile
Players of Madden Mobile on iOS or Android will soon be entering the new season. In order to even the playing field for all Madden Mobile players, all of the teams will be reset when the season launches. This means that if you want to get the edge on your opponents next season, you have to build up your current Season Score.

In a press release, EA described the Season Score system as the following:

Players building up their Season Score will be rewarded with packs at the start of the new season which will give their player squads an immediate boost. Packs are exclusively earned through Season Score, and the more you play the more you can earn in preparation for the new season. Season Score is determined by a number of factors, including overall team rating, player level, number of seasons completed, head-to-head rank and more.

Although the teams will be reset, player who have earned numerous reward packs will immediately start with a better team than players who don’t take advantage of this season’s offerings. As usual with free-to-play mobile games, there are always packs available for purchase if you don’t mind spending some money on a mobile game.

Rob Gronkowski Named Madden 17 Cover Athlete
Every year when a new Madden console game released, EA Tiburon decides what impactful player from the last year will be featured on the newest iteration of the football simulation game. For Madden 16 it was breakout rookie (at the time) Odell Beckham Jr., and this year, it is the best tight end in the NFL, New England Patriots all-star Rob Gronkowski.

Madden 17, like every iteration of Madden, will focus on improving the mechanics on the field, as well as improving Connected Franchise. EA’s main focus with gameplay on the field is to shut down “money plays,” which will hopefully prevent players from using an overpowered play over and over again.

Madden 17 will be released on August 23 for Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. More information on Madden 17 will be revealed in just a couple of weeks when EA has their annual E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) press conference.

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