Vladimir Guerrero Jr Relaxes in the Bullpen

Even the finest Major League players occasionally need a change of scenery after an especially stressful at-bat. The fun-loving Vladimir Guerrero Jr. experienced that on Wednesday after bouncing out to shortstop in Toronto’s 2-1 triumph and taking an unexpected detour.

Vlad Jr. ran down the line on the 6-3 putout in his final at-bat of the day. The Blue Jays slugger believed it would be best to continue moving forward because his momentum had already carried him past the bag. He eventually made his way out to the other team’s bullpen at the Oakland Coliseum, along the right-field line, and grabbed a seat to rest his tired legs.

He could have desired a better vantage point for the remaining at-bats, a moment of reflection, or some additional shade before making the arduous trip back to the dugout in the hot heat. Whatever his rationale, the Toronto relievers sitting on either side of him didn’t even blink an eye; instead, they simply went through with it as though Vladdy was getting ready to throw some warm-up pitches. We will have a genuine story once he gets up and begins pitching, the Blue Jays broadcaster claims.


Written by Eren Kilic

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