WATCH: Young Mets Fan Trolls Astros Hitters With Signs in the Outfield

A New York Mets fan was messing with Astros hitters with signs in the outfield Sunday.


It is not a good time to be a member of the Houston Astros, that much is certain. It seems like the more Spring Training games are played, the more we get to see fans relentlessly torture the players with taunts. And why not, considering the massive cheating scandal that was unearthed this past offseason.

One young fan took to taunting the Astros’ batters on his own this weekend, all the way from the outfield. Watch as he runs back and forth with signs telling the batter what pitching is coming.

The kid was obviously pretending to steal signs in order to mock Astros players. But you can’t help but laugh at the creativity here. And maybe it worked? The Astros only scored one run in a game in which they fell to the Mets 3 to 1. Maybe he’s partially responsible for this response from George Springer?

It was a tough day and its going to be a tough year for the Houston Astros, that much is certain.

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Written by Brook Smith

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