West Virginia was not chosen for the NCAA Baseball Tournament

West Virginia seemed to be on the safe side of the NCAA Tournament bubble for the majority of the second half of the season, with a strong record and a constant RPI in the 30s. When the tournament field of 64 teams was released Monday afternoon, West Virginia University was not included. “It’s rather disheartening that they were not rewarded for their accomplishments, given how hard they worked,” WVU head coach Randy Maze said.

“We train our children to teach them far more life lessons off the field than on it. We can teach kids how to steal second base, hit curveballs, and throw changeups until we’re blue in the face, but it’s in situations like these when they truly need guidance. I felt as though we had to train them more today than we have all season because that is how we coach them.”

West Virginia joined the Big 12 Conference Tournament on Wednesday after sweeping Kansas State in a series. However, Big 12 Tournament defeats to Oklahoma and Kansas State lowered West Virginia’s RPI to 49.



Written by Doug McKain

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