Will Adalaide Byrd Judge Canelo vs. GGG 2?

Canelo-Golovkin II

Adalaide Byrd isn’t a household name for most sports fans, and it’s a tainted one inside the worldwide ring of boxing. Byrd is the abhorrent judge employed by the Nevada Athletic Commission that grossly misscored last year’s Gennady Golovkin vs. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez megafight.

The tumultuous aftermath saw Byrd receive a windfall of negative attention as a history of bad calls in her boxing and MMA judging tenure were revealed. Rumors swirled that Byrd had been suspended or placed on leave by the NAC, and the public outcry for her termination resonated throughout the media.

After Byrd took a voluntary temporary leave from her position, NAC executive director Bob Bennett released a statement Wednesday that fully endorsed Byrd as an exemplary judge.

“I’d still say in the last 3.5 years, she’s done a great job,” Bennett told “I don’t want to hear about 2012. As long as I’ve been here, she’s done a good job. … She’s a great judge. One fight sure as heck doesn’t define her career.”

Byrd has worked four boxing events in Las Vegas since the Canelo vs. GGG debacle on September 16. Now, the question on the mind of every fan and media member… Will Byrd draw the assignment of Canelo-Golovkin II, which is scheduled for May 5, 2018.

Oddsmakers may be privy to early or leaked information, as they usually are. Online gambling site has posted prop odds on the possibility of Byrd being selected as one of the three judges for Canelo vs. Golovkin 2, and the lines are shocking.

Will Adelaide Byrd be a judge for Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin on May 5?
Yes -140
No +110

Odds Subject To Change. Click Here for the most up-to-date odds

It’s worth noting that clients at BetDSI Sportsbook do not believe Byrd will be afforded the opportunity to redeem herself. Early action from bettors on “No” for the prop has changed the current odds to -115 on each side.

The issue among the fans, media and fighters is that Bennett chooses to exonerate years of bad decisions by Byrd where dozens of examples of her incompetence are well documented. Despite Byrd’s 30-year tenure of judging fights, many experts in the boxing scene have publicly voiced their displeasure with her methodologies.

In 2006, the commission took the incredibly miscalculated step of allowing Byrd to judge Mixed Martial Arts events. Since then, the MMA fighting community has suffered through myriad incorrect results due to her inefficiency.

Certainly, another legitimate question begged to be addressed…what were Adalaide Byrd’s original qualifications that jumpstarted her judging career three decades ago? A thorough search returns vacant results, other than the nepotistic angle that she is married to World Boxing Hall of Fame referee Robert Byrd.

The calamity by Byrd during the first Alvarez vs. Golokin bout created the perfect opportunity to gently push a longtime state employee into bountiful retirement — a move that certainly would have eradicated more scrutiny within the system. Instead, the Nevada Athletic Commission made a mistake by giving Byrd its blessing going forward. is calling on all fighters, fans and media to participate in a Twitter #Hashtag movement aimed at inducing Byrd’s voluntary resignation. If you have been impacted by a bad Byrd decision let your voice be heard and tweet this to the masses: #BadByrd


Listen here as MMA legend Chael Sonnen gives his opinion on Adalaide Byrd’s career and the possibility of her coming back to call Canelo vs GGG 2.


Timeline of Adalaide Byrd Scoring Miscues


2017 – Bryd scored Canelo Alvarez’s one-sided victory over Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. with a 120–108 card.

2016 – In Alvarez’s sixth round knockout of Amir Khan, Byrd was only judge who had Amir Khan ahead vs Canelo Alvarez (48-47).

2012, April 14 – Brandon Rios vs. Richar Abril for the WBA World Lightweight Title. Byrd was the only judge to score in favor of Abril, who lost via split decision. Many felt Abril won the fight and her score was correct. Scores: Jerry Roth 116-112, Glenn Trowbridge 115-113, Adalaide Byrd 111-117.

2011, May 7 – Kelly Pavlik vs. Alfonso Lopez. Byrd was the only judge to not score the bout for Pavlik, instead having it as a draw. Scores: Adalaide Byrd 95-95, Richard Houck 98-92, C.J. Ross 99-91.

2009, April 24 – Cory Spinks vs. Deandre Latimore for the IBF Light Middleweight Title. Byrd and Steve Weisfeld had the bout for Spinks, while Jerry Jakubco scored in favor of Latimore. Scores: Adalaide Byrd 115-112, Steve Weisfeld 114-113, Jerry Jakubco 112-115.

2009, April 17 – Selcuk Aydin vs. Said Ouali. Byrd was the only judge to score in favor of Ouali. Scores: Jerry Roth 116-111, Robert Hoyle 115-112, Adalaide Byrd 113-114.

2008, September 5 – Antonio DeMarco vs. Jose Reyes. Byrd was the only judge to score the bout for Reyes. Scores: Patricia Morse Jarman 96-93, Robert Hoyle 95-94, Adalaide Byrd 93-96.

2008, April 19 – Bernard Hopkins vs. Joe Calzaghe for The Ring Magazine Light Heavyweight Title. Byrd was the only judge to score in favor of Hopkins. HBO’s Harold Lederman scored the bout 116-111 for Calzaghe. Scores: Ted Gimza 112-115, Adalaide Byrd 114-113, Chuck Giampa 111-116.

2006, April 8 – Wes Ferguson vs. Josesito Lopez. Byrd was the only judge to score it for Lopez. Scores: Chuck Giampa 95-93, Robert Hoyle 97-92, Adalaide Byrd 94-95.

2004, September 4 – Lamon Brewster vs. Kali Meehan. Byrd was the only judge to score in favor of Meehan. Scores: Adalaide Byrd 113-114, Dave Moretti 114-113, Nelson Vazquez 115-113.

2003, March 1 – Vonda Ward vs. Martha Salazar I. Byrd was the only judge to score it in favor of Salazar. Scores: Richard Houck 39-37, C.J. Ross 39-37, Adalaide Byrd 37-39


2010 – Byrd and Tony Weeks saw it 29-28 for Garcia, meaning they both gave rounds 1 and 3 to Garcia, which is absolutely insane.

2012 – Byrd was only judge to have Melvin Guillard as the winner in UFC 155 vs. Jamie Varner

2009 – UFC 100. Bryd scores the Akiyama/Belcher fight a 30-27 shutout for Akiyama.

*UFC Fighter Kevin Lee has issues with Byrd’s scoring and has publicly stated so.

Written by Miguel Iturrate

Miguel Iturrate started in the MMA business in the crazy early days of the mid-nineties. He has match-made more than 100 MMA events in Japan, Brazil, Russia and all over the United States, and played an integral role in MMA’s early modern history. Through Hook 'n' Shoot, Florida’s AFC, the Euphoria shows and bodogfight, Iturrate has left an indelible mark on MMA history. He can also lay claim to a record that not even the UFC can by contracting 36 fights in three days.

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