WWE Odds: Smackdown LIVE Recap – 7/10/18

Live from my hometown (well, close to it) in Manchester, NH, the WWE had one last shot to win fans over to tune in to Extreme Rules this Sunday on the WWE Network.

On the go-home show, the WWE has opportunities to build more intrigue for the event and add to storylines.

However, they did not.

Usually, I wait for the review, but I’ll sum this up quickly: This show was putrid and a total waste of time.

There I said it.

Read the recap below if you don’t believe me. The WWE should be ashamed of themselves.

MizTV Kicks off the Show

In the ring at the start of the show, we have The Miz and his signature MizTV talk show.

At the beginning of his promo, he puts over his new upcoming reality television show “Miz and Mrs”.

On his talk show, he has Team Hell No, featuring Kane and Daniel Bryan. The team of Bryan and Kane will take on the Bludgeon Brothers at Extreme Rules on Sunday.

If you’ll recall, Bryan and Miz have an ongoing feud for over a year, including Miz beating Bryan in a Gauntlet Match.

Miz addresses this and asks Bryan to be courteous like he will be.

Bryan asks if what he means is that he’ll punch him in the face, but Bryan says he won’t and will be professional.

Miz then does the “when my hand goes up, your mouth goes shut” gimmick.

He then proceeds to list off the teams’ accolades and says them reuniting is like if Justin Timberlake rejoined Nsync.

Miz then asks what he thinks about their opponent.

Kane chimes in and says that Timberlake will never reunite with Nsync and says that he’s too big of a star now and says that the Bludgeon Brothers will be downed by them.

After that, Miz shows a video package of Team Hell No reuniting, but then turns it into when they turned on one another.

Miz apologizes for the footage and Bryan tells Miz to stop and says he knows what he’s trying to do—stir the pot.

Bryan then says that Miz is terrible at everything.

Miz then says that Kane will definitely betray Bryan eventually and Miz says that Bryan is afraid to fight him and hides behind Kane who he calls a “cheesy nostalgia act”.

Kane then tells Bryan to stop and breathe and Miz says for Bryan to hide behind his “broken down demon” again, to which Kane responds with getting ready to chokeslam Miz.

Then the Bludgeon Brothers come out.

But as they make their way to the ring, SAnitY then comes out of nowhere and attacks Team Hell No.

Then a brawl breaks out and it’s five on two.

Then The New Day comes out to help Team Hell No

Referees and officials eventually come out to break it up.

Analysis: Let’s make this quick. Miz is great. Bryan’s promos are cheesy and scripted. Kane shouldn’t be saying anything about Timberlake. This whole thing was awful.


Shinsuke Nakamura vs. A.J. Styles

Before the match begins we are told that Paige has booked a 10-man tag team match in which New Day will team up with Team Hell No to take on the Bludgeon Brothers and SAnitY.

Also before the match begins, Rusev and Aiden English come out.

With a mic in hand, Rusev cuts a promo saying that Styles is going to lose at Extreme Rules (essentially). He says that he will his first ever WWE Championship.

English then takes the mic and sings “Rusev Day”.

Rusev and English join the commentary team and talk about the match and Rusev and Styles at Extreme Rules.

Eventually, Rusev goes after Styles resulting in Nakamura being disqualified, giving the win to Styles.

As both the men go after Styles, Jeff Hardy, who is facing Nakamura at Extreme Rules came out to help Styles.

Then Paige comes out and books a tag team match “right now”.

So now we get Rusev and Nakamura vs. Hardy and Styles.

Analysis: This show is just horrible. It’s cookie cutter and the same thing every week. There’s always an interference that results in a larger tag team match “right now”. Let’s get more creative, WWE.


Rusev/Nakamura vs. Hardy/Styles

Nakamura and Rusev win after Rusev pins Hardy.

Analysis: Should have let Rusev get more heat.


James Ellsworth and Carmella Backstage

Ellsworth is backstage doing push-ups getting ready for his match with Asuka.

Carmella says that Ellsworth better beat Asuka and tells Ellsworth if he ever winks at her again she’ll beat him herself.

Analysis: Cannot believe Ellsworth is actually on my TV.


James Ellsworth vs. Asuka in a Lumberjill Match

This was a rematch from last week that ended in a double count-out.

Asuka beats Ellsworth via the Asuka lock.

Carmella comes in after to try to attack her, but Asuka gets the best of her.

Then Ellsworth sprays Asuka will “mace” and then Carmella gets a shot in on her.

Analysis: Don’t care about the match, but at least they let Carmella get some heat.


Team Hell No and New Day Backstage

Bryan talks about going after Bludgeon Brothers legs and Kane says they should drag them to hell.

New Day says they need to focus. Then Kane and Bryan go back and forth saying “yes” and “no” and Big E eventually interrupts them.

Big E gets everyone hyped up and asks if Kane is with them.

He says yes and they get excited.

Analysis: This is so horrible….


Carmella, Ellsworth and Paige Backstage

Ellsworth says Paige is allowed to kiss him. Paige denies him.

Paige then says Ellsworth will be in a shark cage above the ring during Carmella and Asuka’a match.

Analysis: They just love to do the same stuff over and over.


Sin Cara vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas

Almas wins.

Analysis: What even is this?


SAnitY and Bludgeon Brothers Promo

SAnitY says that New Day and Team Hell No better get ready for chaos. Rowan then says “let the Bludgeoning begin”.

Analysis: I love Eric Young, but again, so cookie cutter.


10-Man Tag: Team Hell No and The New Day vs. Bludgeon Brothers and SAnitY

Team Hell No and The New Day win.

Analysis: This whole show was an entire waste of two hours. Like completely.



About Richard Janvrin

Richard Janvrin extensively covers WWE. While he may have issues with wrestling today, he's been a fan of professional wrestling since he was toddling around, breaking tables and searching for glimmers of the Attitude Era, as a 4-year old.

About Richard Janvrin

Richard Janvrin extensively covers WWE. While he may have issues with wrestling today, he's been a fan of professional wrestling since he was toddling around, breaking tables and searching for glimmers of the Attitude Era, as a 4-year old.

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