WWE Odds: Smackdown Live Recap – May 15, 2018

The WWE capped off their United Kingdom tour Tuesday with Smackdown Live.

Like Monday Night RAW the night before, there were a plethora of matches that served as qualifiers for the Money in the Bank pay-per-view event.

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However, the main event of the night was Shinsuke Nakamura vs. A.J. Styles in which the winner would choose the stipulation for their championship match at Backlash.

Who won the match, though?

Find out below as we recap Smackdown Live.


Opening Segment: Daniel Bryan In-Ring Promo

Smackdown Live kicked off with Daniel Bryan in the ring with Renee Young. In the promo, they discussed his “record-setting” 75-minute appearance at the Greatest Royal Rumble and how he wants the WWE championship.

Bryan was interrupted by his Backlash opponent Big Cass who delivered a promo mocking Bryan and explains he tapped at Backlash so that he could get up and beat on Bryan faster.

A fight between the two eventually broke out and Bryan delivered a heel lock to the seven-footer.

Analysis: This opener was boring. Cass is a believable guy and his promo had emotion, but this is just a lame program all around.


New Day vs. The Bar with The Miz on Commentary

Already qualifying for the Money in the Bank ladder match, The Miz joined the announcers on commentary during a match between The New Day and The Bar.

The winner of the tag team match would then decide who of their team would join the ladder match.

The Miz kept foreshadowing a potential New Day breakup speaking to that a decision like that could cause a rift within The New Day.

Well, New Day went over in the match. We now wait to see if that’s what will happen.

Analysis: I’m hoping this is the case. New Day’s act is old and tired, but I understand they sell a lot of merchandise. This could be time for Big E, who has star power and potential.


Paige Backstage with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville

Paige informs both Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville that they will be in a qualifying match against Becky Lynch.

But that it’s a triple threat.

Meaning, the duo would need to go against one another.

Analysis: I love Rose. She’s just wonderful, isn’t she?


AJ Styles Backstage with Renee Young

This was a quick backstage promo talking about his match later on in the night with Nakamura.

Young asks Styles about which stipulation he chooses and he doesn’t say which but provides a myriad of different sarcastic scenarios.

Analysis: OK then. Nothing much here.


Andrade “Cien” Almas Debuts, Jobs a Jobber

Just what the headline says. Andrade “Cien” Almas comes in and takes out a guy whose name I don’t remember—he’s a jobber.

Zelina Vega, his manager, delivers a promo after the match calling out the locker room.

Analysis: Another potential foreign heel? We’ll see.


Rusev, Aiden English and Lana Backstage

Nothing much happened here besides Lana telling the audience she has a Money in the Bank qualifying match next week against Billie Kay.

Analysis: This match is going to be sloppy as hell, but I will never complain when Lana and Peyton Royce are on my television screen.



Carmella comes out and touts herself as the Princess of Staten Island and demonstrates other heel-ish traits.

Paige eventually comes out (remember, this is her home country) and announces Carmella will be facing Asuka at Money in the Bank for her Smackdown Women’s championship.

Asuka comes out and Carmella leaves the ring.

Analysis: More cold booking. Oh well. Whatever, man.


Mandy Rose vs. Sonya Deville vs. Becky Lynch

Lynch went over in the match after Deville and Rose worked together throughout.

Analysis: Rose’s entrance is wonderful.


Big Cass vs. Samoa Joe Graphic/Joe “Snapchat” Promo

There is one spot remaining in the Money in the Bank ladder match

That spot will be determined next week when Cass and Joe square off.

After this graphic, Joe issued a patented Joe promo backstage on what appears to be Snapchat-esque.

Analysis: Bank on a Bryan interference here or something. Joe’s cut the same promo for 15 years. I wonder if he’ll wear the black and yellow or black and red shorts next week. He’s also worn the same attire for 15 years.


Iiconics Backstage “Snapchat” Promo

I’m really not sure if it’s Snapchat, but it’s such an odd way to show backstage stuff.

This was pointless, but it was to try to build anticipation for Kay vs. Lana next week.

Analysis: Royce looks great.


Shinsuke Nakamura vs. AJ Styles

After numerous false finishes, Nakamura went over Styles clean in the match. He’ll pick the stipulation.

Analysis: No surprise that a challenger went over the champion in a non-title match. I’m sure we’ll know his stipulation next week.


This was another lackluster Smackdown. The shows continue to be booked like televised house shows.

About Richard Janvrin

Richard Janvrin extensively covers WWE. While he may have issues with wrestling today, he's been a fan of professional wrestling since he was toddling around, breaking tables and searching for glimmers of the Attitude Era, as a 4-year old.

About Richard Janvrin

Richard Janvrin extensively covers WWE. While he may have issues with wrestling today, he's been a fan of professional wrestling since he was toddling around, breaking tables and searching for glimmers of the Attitude Era, as a 4-year old.

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