The ACC has officially abandoned divisions and adopted a new scheme

Football divisions will no longer exist according to the ACC. The conference said on Tuesday that its 2023 season will include a new scheduling system. The new divisional format, which does away with the Atlantic and Coastal divisions, is 3-5-5, with each team playing three key opponents per season.

The next four-year cycle will see each team face the other 10 teams twice, once at home and once on the road. Each team will play the other 13 conference members at least twice over the course of a four-year period thanks to the new format. The top two teams in the ACC, according to conference winning percentage, will now face off in the championship game. Previously, the league championship match would be between the winners of the Atlantic and Coastal conferences.

According to ACC Commissioner Jim Phillips, “the future ACC football scheduling model provides substantial benefits for our schools and conference, with the most important being our student-athletes getting the chance to play every institution both at home and away during a four-year period.” The majority of people welcomed this adjustment, but picking the three main rivals for each institution will be difficult.


Written by Eren Kilic

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